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Hello everyone!

The 17Th of September, I ordered a penimaster from I payed for it right away using my credit-card but I still haven’t got my PM.. I’m getting worried here! I’ve tried to contact them via e-mail, without any luck so far.

Can these people be trusted?

Hello again!

My spam-filter sorts out all potential junk-mail to a different folder, which I’ve already checked a dozen times. There’s no reply in that folder either. :-( I visited their homepage for more info and noticed they introduced a new model recently (20th of September) which is a 100 euros more! But that can’t possibly be the problem, can it?

Nope, just an e-mail address and a “snail-mail” address. I guess I’ll have to contact my credit-card company tomorrow. :-(

I would give it time. I ordered some stuff from a US webite (Im in the UK) on about September 10th, and after receiving nothing, I emailed them and finally got a reply today. Turns out it was only shipped on Sept 26th :rolleyes: Keep trying to get hold of them, but give it at least 14-21 dys.

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Especially with the on again/off again security concerns with international flights. We all know what kind of damage could be done to an aircraft and/or it’s crew or passengers if a you-know-what smuggled one on board a flight!

Did you confirm that the original charge went through? Did you ever receive an order or shipment confirmation email (which may include a tracking number)?

Yes, I got the order confirmation but unfortunately there is no tracking number in it. I think I’ll give it a little more time but something tells me I shouldn’t keep my hope up. I still hope I’m wrong, though. ;-) Thanks for all the help guys! I’ll get back to you in a couple of days with the final verdict! :-)

It finally arrived! In fact, it arrived at the local post office almost two weeks ago!

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