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Penis weights

Penis weights

Has anyone had experience using the DFrance Circle Device weights for penis elongation?

They look more effective than golf club weights.

Do a search for “circle device”, if bombarded with too many thread try an advanced search for same in title only.

I know where the site is; I am just curious if anyone here has used them with any success.

I’m talking about the search button at the top right of every page on THIS forum.

Here, I done it for you. /forum/search.php?searchid=400522

Have a good day. :)


Misread your meaning in your first post.

Why not try Monty’s PE weights. They work the same way and are much less expensive. Everyone who uses them says they are pretty comfortable to wear.


Originally Posted by HairyandMuscled
Misread your meaning in your first post.

Yes, I misread about half the shit I see here. :) Welcome to the posting side of the forum and good luck to you.

Thanks for all your suggestions.

I bought a couple golf club weights yesterday, they seem too light.

Maybe I will try Monty’s weights.

I made a weight out a bit of old lead pipe. It weighs 1.5lb and just the job perfectly.

The Hanky Wrap

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Thanks for the suggestion. I really want something 1.5 or 2lbs.
I think I’ll go to the hardware store today to look for heavy metal.
My Utilikilt will come in very handy when I start wearing a heavier ADS device!

Have you noticed length gain since wearing the 1.5 weight?

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