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Penis Warming


Originally Posted by Mirthandirxiii

I have been doing hydrotherapy for two years as I shower. Its basically alternating between hot and cold water to improve blood flow to the skin by repeatedly forcing the veins to dilate and constrict. I tend to think over time it would also improve the elasticity of your veins. Since starting PE I’ve also started targeting my penis specifically for a couple extra cycles. I started it to work on the bags under my eyes from insomnia when I was younger. Two years later the bags are gone, my skin looks great, and people cannot believe I’m 33.

Well hell, you should look good at 33, if you dont something is wrong.

Cold for me helps to remove or even prevent any kind of discoloration under the pressure. Spots after jelq or stretching are gone. Healing is faster. Doesn’t cost too much to try.

Start with just cold water for not too long.

If you have bathmate that’s even better.

If find it use full over all does it affect PE directly cant tell.

Originally Posted by bigee
Well hell, you should look good at 33, if you dont something is wrong.

Looking good is one thing but I had a 23 year old ask me if we went to school together just a few days ago. Saw a high school friends mom a couple months ago and she said she wasn’t sure at first if it was me because I didn’t look old enough. I’m telling you hydrotherapy done consistently yields amazing results. I look younger than I did five years ago.

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