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Penis Volume - A comparison Graph

Penis Volume - A comparison Graph

I’ve attached a file I made with Mathematica* that is a contour plot of the volume of a cylinder for a given length and circumference. You may have an interest in checking it out to see how the size of your member compares to one of the same size but different proportions. For example, you can see that if your member is 6”x6”, it is the same size as a member that’s 8.5”x5”. It is remarkable just how important girth is to size. Those of you that already have girthy members may appreciate just how big yours really is compared to one of an average thickness.

When you look at the gains you’ve made, keep in mind that a 5%** increase in girth is equivalent to a 10% increase in length (in the context of volume). For example, 5” girth to 5.25” is the same growth as 7” length to 7.7”. It may seem like you’re making slow girth gains but even a small increase is really quite a large increase in volume.

I’ve attached a pdf (if you want to print it out and use a ruler to compare your member) and a jpg if you wanted to use Microsoft Paint (use the line feature and long press “shift” to make a line).

* You can check out a less accurate map at wolframalpha. Com with the command:
Grid[Table[(l*c^2)/(4*pi), {l,6,10,.25}, {c,5,6,.25}]]
** It is precisely (1.1^.5) .

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Great! Thanks.

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