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Penis Too Soft For Stretching

Penis Too Soft For Stretching

I recently has a friend with benefits and I was told that my dick was soft, even while hard. She later reworded it and said the skin is soft. I had an infection when I was younger on the back of my penis that left a giant scar and I also have genital warts. I think all these things combined effected my penis hardness. I’m small 4’ while erect. She said I was fine with it as it’s how you use it but I don’t want to obsess about how well in doing in bed and put in less work if I was bigger. I used to be 6+’ when I was younger when I first hit puberty at 13 but I was bullied in the locker room before I hit puberty by a kid when he pointed at me and said how small it was. I come from a very conservative household and it made talking about what’s a normal size very difficult. I ended up running warm to hot water into my urethra after hitting puberty when I was a normal size but insecure because I thought warm water makes it bigger so if I put it into the urethra it’d make it permanent but it causes my flaccid penis to shrink from around 6 inches to like 3 as something fell out of my penis, some small tissue I’m not sure what it was but it shrank and never went back to the same size. So now I’m 4 inches erect and it effects Mt confidence in relationships cause I know I’m on the small end of average. And I can’t stretch my penis with jelqing cause the glands slip out of my grip. I tried a penis hanging device with suction but again it slips off the head of my penis which is too soft. I don’t knoow what to do.

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Hi Sonicfan. I don’t want you to sit here for days without a reply. Although your questions are beyond what I can answer, hopefully commenting and bumping you up to the top of the thread can help.

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How did you get warm water into your urethra? Did you squirt it in with an eye dropper or something?

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Originally Posted by gprent
How did you get warm water into your urethra? Did you squirt it in with an eye dropper or something?

I-beam thank you that means allot.

To the question I was 13 and ran it under the bath faucet straight into the urethra. I’ve tried stretching exercises from the basics section like the okay sign and tugging with the other hand it’s just my penis is like a rubber band it stretches so thin that it temporarily made me gain size like a quarter inch but now flaccid I’m even smaller. Pretty demoralizing. Maybe penis jelqing and stuff just isn’t suited to my situation. I don’t like to obsess about penis size cause I’m insecure but it bothers me sometimes.

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