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Penis too short for heroic endeavours


Thanks all for your suggestions :)

I was indeed trying to stretch the ligaments, how hard can it be right? Especially if Kickboxer is your martial arts bible, for those who have seen the ligament stretches in that movie.
I need replace it with Karate Kid.
Wipe on, wipe off.
What are we wiping on now, coconut butter?

Originally Posted by SirFoggy
You’re trying to stretch your ligaments right?
I heard that they have a pull back reflex;)
When pulled on extremely hard they will respond by actually contracting SHORTER.
There’s a two second time limit though:)
You can get away with stretching really hard for just those two seconds but after that is no good!
Be careful and don’t hurt yourself:)

Would you say that if you cut down the stretch to two seconds, it might do some good using full force?

Ah, I caught on. That’s what JAI is for, thanks Lord Harris

If it hurts it ain’t working!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Originally Posted by Lampwick
That may be overstating things a bit.

A little soreness is OK. A great deal of soreness, or outright pain, is not.

No. It was done deliberately to get the guy off doing things too hard. And start so that it’s just a gentle exercise. Call it pre-conditilon for want of a better word.

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If your dick is in fact very tough, you may be actually making it even tougher by the hard, long stretching, thereby making it even harder to gain.

Coax it bigger, don’t try to force it to be bigger.

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