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Penis surgery



I have talked to some who have had the surgery and did not gain much, and the one thing most of those who did not gain had in common was they did not use weights post-operatively or did not use them as much. This is probably the most important part of the procedure because the weights help heal the ligaments in the state they are after the surgery ( with incisions). This is just been my experience, I m not saying this is what happened to anyone else or you in particular but this is just what I am hypothesis from what I heard from other people say.

What about when your asleep you wouldnt be able to hang then!

I agree that weights could have made a difference, but I will never be able to know now. I asked, but my doctor was at that time against the idea and recommended I use manual stretches throughout the day instead. Since I gave him all my money I felt I should follow his advice. I certainly think anyone doing the surgery now should at the very least wear something like the circle device or another ADS post-op all day, and a BIB would definitely be on my post-op penis if I were to get a do-over. But would it make a difference? I don’t really know.

Frankly, I feel that if weight hanging is necessary post-op, why do the op? Hangers seem to get as much length gains in a year as the surgeons claim they can provide for $thousands$ + then you have to hang anyway (plus you get a scar, have to give up sex for weeks, and it bloody hurts!) If hanging gains are easier post-op then perhaps it would be a good thing for the time-challenged. But are they easier gains post-op? I don’t know. I hang now, years later, am gaining and wonder are my gains because of the surgery or in spite of it? I have no idea. The whole thing still seems like an expensive crap-shoot to me. At least I only lost money.

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