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Penis stretched

Penis stretched

So, I’ve been clamping for a bit now, (2-3 months.) I’ve recently added some stretches before clamping - as I’m looking for a bit of length now, and jelqing during clamping, to my routine.

The other night, I was with my girlfriend, and my dick was just.. Long; less girthy than normal, but it must have been 8 inches long (normally 7.25.) So, what I’m asking is, is it possible that my dick just stretched out in the other direction?

I’m thinking that, maybe the penis is just entirely elastic, usually stretching a certain amount in one direction, a certain amount in the other, but maybe there’s just a sum elasticity? Like a balloon, and maybe with compression on one end, you can expand the other? In which case, while clamped, perhaps squeezing the entire shaft upwards would really create an expansion length wise? But the head would be a limiting factor, no? I’ve had a slight injury before where - I believe - there was so much compression in my head from clamping and squeezing, that the nerves in my head went numb, then caused me pain for a few days; this would be what I call, a limiting factor.

Anyways, I’m ranting now, but anyone have an experience like this? Anyone know how they might be able to repeat this result?

No replies? I have had it again, where after some vigorous stretching, my penis elongates, but loses girth in the process.

Am I doomed to have to choose between length and girth? Has anyone else here who has worked on girth and length at the same time, noticed anything of this nature? Is there any way I can solidify the long dick with some girth attached to it?


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