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Penis Stretch question

Penis Stretch question

Hello all just a quick question, I recently made a little gain on my 7.5 BPEL to 7.75BPEL but the thing that puzzles me is when I am totally flacid I can press the ruler to my pubic bone and pull my penis way past the 8 inch mark to around 8.2 why is this able to happen when I am flacid, when I started I could only pull it to 7.5 but that was the same as my BPEL any input would be appreciated.

Possibly because when you stretch longitudinal you are stretching the cells forward, but as they get engorged with blood, that takes up some of the stretch sideways and there is less foward ‘stretch’ available

As an example, blow out the cheeks in your face then try to push the air forward towards your lips. It won’t go as far forward if you don’t fill out your cheek first.

Also if you push your lips forward first, there will be less sideways movement available

(Well it does for me anyway!).

When I try to isolate the air in my mouth to the lip-region, it doesn’t push out as far as it does when I allow the air to press on all areas, but I think this has more to do with the fact that the muscles around my lip contract when I isolate the air to the front of my mouth.

As far as your flaccid stretch length being longer than your EL, I’m not sure of the cause, but I do know that an increase in FSL often comes before a gain for EL. Let’s hope this is an indication of more gains for you, and good luck. ;)

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petitfaun had a good explaination but not the best of examples. Try using a ballon as an example. You can pull it really long. However, if you fill it with some air, the amount you can stretch the length is hindered. I agree with petit.


My growth typically comes in spurts, no pun intended. My experience has been that I have a gain in EL shortly after my flaccid stretch length increases.

Do you all think a gain main be due again, I have been stretching like a MOFO, night and morning I will let you know if anything happens cheers.

Just a word of warning not to overdo the stretching. Your dick can only stand so much before it protests. And that can cause problems. So stretch by all means but resspect your dick as well.


What sort of problems may happen, just so I am aware thanks…

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