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Penis size vs the size of nose.


Originally Posted by asnoman
Actually I was aware of those correlations. I also believe that penis size can be correlated to body height, size of fingers, feet, limbs, etc. The main reason may be proportionality. Average length of index fingers of 10 six-foot tall men should be higher than corresponding value for 10 five-foot-tall men. So, why not same to the penis size? I was a bit doubtful that penis size should be related to size of any facial part. By “everything” I meant those parts I mentioned explicitly. Size and shape of facial parts are more dependent on regions than on height, which is already seen correlated to penis size.

Of course, given basic proportionality, it would not be surprising if everything on a six foot tall man was proportionately larger than everything on a five foot tall man, but that’s kind of off the point of the thread.

The point of the thread is, take those 10 six foot tall men. Some have big noses. Some have average noses. Some have small noses. Is it more likely that those with a big nose have a big penis?

Or, a more interesting question: there are two guys. One is shorter and has a big nose. One is taller and has a small nose. On the basis of that, which one would you expect to have the larger penis?

If you haven’t looked at it already, I suggest that you do some exploration of The Dive and WestLA’s continuing series Which One Has the Bigger Dick? Which one has the bigger dick? Part 23 is the latest installment.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Thick Nose Thick Hose

Going by my own nose and cock, I think it’s true. I have a thick bulbous nose, which has caught the imagination of even men. And guess what, my cock is also thick (> 5.5 inches around) although of average length. I gather that girls love thick cocks inside them., so :)

Originally Posted by rock900
Hi all..
I have heard a very interesting comment from my mates..
And that is penis size is related to size of your nose..
If somebody has a small nose he will have a smaller dick as compared to the person with a bigger fat
Nose who has a bigger dick..
And I have found that thing true up till now..
My friends and cousins who have a bigger nose do have a bigger dick as compared to others..
First I thought it’s rubbish but I have not anybody yet with a smaller nose and a bigger dick..
Do you guys think it’s true or it’s just a wrong perception.

I have what would be considered a normal to small nose. I stand 5’ 9” tall, weigh 150 pounds. I wear a size 10 shoe (US size), and large to extra large gloves. My signature has my genital dimensions. BTW, I have gained only a little since doing PE.


08-12-2014 BPEL 8.875, EGMS 6.6, EGB 7.25, EW 2.101, EV 30.331, FL 6.75, FG 5.6, Glans Girth 6.5p

A kind of Big Nose, Big Hose Theory. Interesting.

…Nah, not credible.

Big Hands, Big Glans?


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