Penis size statistics from the spanish forum

Hello Everyone,

To start I’m not a english native speaker, so if something sounds weird or doesn’t make sense just let me know and I’ll try to explain it better.

I know this subject is common here and i’ve seen a few other threads about penis size statistics, the only difference here is I just wanted to share this to the english forum, I already posted it in the spanish forum but this one is a bit more updated.

All data in the archive was taken from members in the spanish forum from a thread made years ago which compile basic data as height, BPEL, EG, age and country you were born, the thread is called “Presentación y registro”.

You can check it out and make your own conclusions with this and compare it with other data you might have from other studies or whatever you want to do with it.

I hope you enjoy it my fellow PE’rs.

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Start: Feb 11th 2013 Initial stats: BPEL: 16.9cm (6.65") EG: 14cm (5.51")

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Tamaño del pene y estadísticas interesantes