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penis shrinkage when I'm sick or when I do a hard workout WTF???


penis shrinkage when I'm sick or when I do a hard workout WTF???

What’s the deal right now I have a cold and my flaccid size is really small this also happens when I do a hard workout in the gym

thats why I still change in the bathroom lol

my erect size is 5.9 inches which is normal, and my flaccid size looks normal when I’m fine
does this happen to some other people or is it just me??

Happens to me too. Not so much when I’m sick, but every time I work out. I think my body wants to be sure nothing bad happens to my dick - drop a weight stack on it, ouch! So it pulls inside where it will be safe.

Happens to me also. This is normal.

Happens to me in both cases. I guess its normal.

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Tiredness, illness, anxiety, coldness.all normal mate.

Sympathetic drive when you are training makes this.

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Well while being sick/depressed yup you’re member isn’t gonna be too large.

Why do you think people use the term “happy” for a raging hard on =D

After a workout , yup my member is a frightened turtle trying to crawl in it’s shell.

It’s the norm for fatigue and illness.

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I thought it was because most of your blood is pumping around all your muscles after a work out as they crave for oxygenated blood since you create tears which the body then repairs itself with blood.I think

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Allergies also gives shrinkage.

Medical situations also bring on major shrinkage. I was in hospital yesterday for a day-procedure that involved sticking a camera up my dick to look at kidneys etc. Obviously this was going to mean me lying on the table totally naked with female urologist and cute theatre nurses viewing my shrunken unit. Even being under anaesthetic didn’t ease my agitation. Also two of the nurses were from the Philippines and were mega cute.

Your body prioritises blood flow and nutrient supplies. During exercise and illness your dick doesn’t need a lot to survive but the rest of your body does.

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I’d be more worried if this didn’t happen. It’s an important bodily function to protect you. Completely normal.

Yeah, during certain workouts I’m almost inverted!!!

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As the guys said, the blood is flowing through your muscles mainly. Also have to do with hormones IMO, for example a peak on adrenaline.


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