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Penis Sheath PE Approach

Penis Sheath PE Approach

I’m not sure where I read this, or if it’s correct, but supposedly each individual has a varying amount of penis sheaths(what covers the CC & CS which gives it its shape). I assume a person with more sheaths would likely withstand more pressure/force, and/or require more pressure/force to grow. Also, would this mean that a person with more sheaths require more PE time?

Ron Magnus, this is true. So far, individuals have been discovered with tunica albuguineae composed of one, two, or three layers. Most men have two. I speculate that less layers equates to quicker gains, a stretched length closer to, or even shorter than, erect length, and a greater degree of stimulation to produce rock hard erections. I am working on an illustration/model for this right now for a post. It’s not the most scientific thing in the world, but I think it accurately shows what I am trying to say.

I’ll post on this thread when I get all my pictures together and post it.


Thanks man, I appreciate it.

I have no expertise in this area. That said it sounds plausible.

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Titleist, in my post I will post the relevant research that has examined this phenomenon, there are two studies that I know of.


Rootsnatty, do you think more tunica albuguineae correlates to a harder erection or is it solely dependent on the muscle inside the CC? Are there any benefits of both? Also, I can’t wait for the data you’ve gathered.

First off, I wouldn’t call what I’m posting “data.” :) More like a visual model of a theory.

And yes, more layers I think should make the tunica more difficult to expand and harder erections should be easier to achieve in that case as a lesser volume of blood would be required to create the same internal pressure. I actually have a part of my experiment that specifically examines this. More layers means that it is easier to achieve a harder erection but with a smaller erect size. Less layers means it is harder to achieve this level of hardness, but with a larger erect size. Or so I hypothesize.


Do you know how thick each layer is? Also, how would I know the number of layers on my penis(I doubt there’s a safe way)?

Each layer varies in thickness from person to person, just like all connective tissue. The fibers of each layer are, however, oriented in a specific pattern. In all cases of a single layer, the fibers have been oriented longitudinally. In the “normal” two layer case, one layer is oriented longitudinally, the other circumferentially. Three layer cases have two longitudinal layers with a circumferential layer sandwiched between.

There is really no good answer for your second question. I know you don’t want to cut into yourself and check. An MRI may work. My thread will cover some possible ways to predict, but it is just a theory and I can’t say for sure where the cutoffs for one or two layers would be, so to speak.


Thanks roots .

Always wondered how the layers were put together .

dooks out !!!

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Hey dooks and Ron, I’m working on that post reviewing the research and I got the fiber alignment backwards. It is actually:

1 layer: longitudinal

2 layers: inner circular, outer longitudinal

3 layers: inner circular, longitudinal, outer circular


Hey all. Got that post out. It’s called “tunica balloons” and is currently in this same forum. Check it out it you’d like.


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