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Penis shape

Penis shape

Hey guys, been reading this forum for a long time and all I have to say is wow! Never knew there was such a thing as this. I have a question regarding penis shape and exercises to make it change (if possible?). My penis right now is about 3 inches wide and 1.75 inches the other way, it’s not even close to a perfect cylinder. Is this normal? And are there any exercises that would help it get more like a cylinder instead of an ellipse. It’s cool to look at from the front, but the side makes it look a lot smaller. Thanks for your input guys

It’s normal and you can’t change it (very much). The shape is due to the internal structures. By making the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum larger with PE you might change it a bit, but basically there are very few, if any, penises that are cylindrical.

BTB jelqing might help if the ellipeise part is near your base. Hanging can help with base girth, jelqing can help with rounding out your dick near the head part, and then there is a few techniques to work on girth in the middle but since you are talking ellipiese shape ouvisouly you are aiming to get a little girth at the base of top near the head/glans or maybe both. Look up some of the excersizes I listed above witrh the search feature here aekel, that should help you find something. Oh yeah, welcome to Thunder’s Place. You certaintly found the right place for PE on the net just don’t tell many people. :)

C = 2 sqrt((a^2+b^2)/2) is the commonly used approximation for the circumference or perimeter of an ellipse.

More accurately is Ramanujan’s Formula where

T = (a-b)^2 / (a+b)^2
S = pi (a+b) [1+3t / (10 + sqrt(4 - 3t))]

Where here 2a is the length of the major axis (3in) and 2b is the length of the minor axis (1.75).

So in your case a = 1.5 and b = 0.875

==> T ~ 0.069252077

==> S ~ 7.591028944

Dude, if you have 7+ in girth. Just let it be.

Just my 2c,

"Life's not a bitch. Life is a beautiful woman."

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