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Penis seems to stagnate after three to four weeks with PE

Penis seems to stagnate after three to four weeks with PE

I have been doing PE for a while now. Actually for several years. The problem is that once I start up with a new routine every thing seems to work fine. Nothing major, but I can see a slight improvement and better erections. But after three to four weeks it seems to stagnate. The penis seems tight and difficult to work with when jelqing. This is happening every time I start up with a new routine. I found that that I have to take a break when this happens? The penis seems smaller and very contracted. I have tried many different routines. Right now I’m on two days on and one off. 5 minutes jelqing, 5 minutes stretching with warm up and warm down. I also do some keagles. The main reason why I started up with PE is because of ed. I have also checked with the doctor many times to see if I’m having some kind of fibrosis, peyronies or other deformities. But the tests checked out just fine. I do how ever had priapism 12 years ago after penile injection. I had erection for 28 hours. After that I had secondary ed, but these last 4 years the condition has gotten worse. The penis seems tight and inflexible and is not very stretchable. I also may add that I’m suffering from prostatis, but have been better this last year after I started up with pygeum. I have also started up with ginkgo biloba. So far no improvements with ED or PE I’m sad to say.

This is very frustrating for me and I haven’t been with a girl for over 3 years now because of this. Any suggestion to what I can do? Anyone who has experienced the same problem? Any good solution to this dilemma? All help is appreciated. Thank you.

I’ve had this same problem, but haven’t really found a solution yet. I get going for a couple weeks and things are really good, lots of strong erections, hanging low, large flaccid, etc. But now for instance, I’ve been going for about 3 weeks, things were going great for this 1st week. I jelq’d this morning and now my flaccid is very tiny. I’d love to hear some more input.

Do you have no erections at all? If you take viagra/cialis? What’s the cause of your ED, according to your urologist?

About routine, it could be that you are a kind of ‘less is more’; if so, you should do a lighter routine - first thing, don’t use a lot of force when jelqing, use a light grip. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you can try alternating: one day jelq, one day stretching. Or you just could do three weeks PE and one week off.

Marinera, how light of a grip are we talking? I know people always mention this, but I really can’t ever gauge how tight is too tight.

It’s not easy to explain. jelq is not masturbation, but not trying to deform your penis overnight either. You have to gently push more blood in your penis, stroke after stroke. Better than that, I can’t say, trial-and-error is the only way I guess. :shrug:

Some answers to my condition

I do get a pretty good erection with Viagra, but it’s not good enough for intercourse. Maybe about 80 % and it often fails. I do how ever get a good result with bimix, but then again it was this medicine that gave me ED in the first place. After the priapism I mentioned my erections never became the same again. According to my doctor/doctors one says it’s to do with too high tension in the genitals so relax ion can not occur. This could be psychological One has mention that prostatis could have something do with it. I have tried several antibiotics and has also tried zinalfa which are suppose to relax the genitals and the prostate, but without no luck. I may also add that I do relaxation tehnics and also practise yoga without no luck. It has to be something else and I haven’t found the answer yet. I do know that penis seem contracted, inflexible and not very stretchable. It has happen gradually after the incident with priapism. When I jelq the penis doesn’t really expand much at all. It seems very tough and resistant. And I usually go limp after 100-150 strokes even with a low dose of viagra. I feel that I have tried everything, but maybe there is something I’ve missed? Thanks for the tips so far.

If you can’t jelq erected, try flaccid dry-jelqs.

Maybe your priapism has created scar tissue in the CC instead than tunica, but I think exams should show those scars if this was the case.

Another option could be pumping at low pressures, it can improve ED over the course of time.

The pumping at low pressure is one thing I would look into.

Another you may want to consider is using an ADS at low tension for awhile and see what that does for helping to relax you unit in a longer state.

According to my doctor scar tissue is not the case. I have been checked with ultrasound many times. I also achieve an erection with a low dose of bimix. That’s an indicator that the organ should be in tact. At least that’s what the doctors told me.

I have been pumping for many years, but it hasn’t given me any better erections, but I think it helps a little bit as long as long as you do it not too frequently. So far this is what works best of all the PE exercises for me.

Have also been using the jes- extender for on and off for over 10 years. But my penis seem to turtle up after the extension. In fact it gets smaller and contracted after a while with the extender too.

Right now I’m trying a little bit of everything to see what works. I have tried this routine lately.

5 minutes warm up
Light jelqing for 2 or 3 minutes
Pumping for 15-20 minutes at 3-4 hg
5 minutes light jelqing with running warm water
Pumping for 15-20 minutes at 3-4 hg.
2-3 minutes of jelqing and massage in running warm water
5 minutes of stretching

I do it 2-3 times a week.

I’ve tried everyday routines to every second, two days on and one off ect. Some times I have gotten results, but it doesn’t seem to last. Incidentally, one year ago everything was going great. My erections got better, I woke up with boners, and it also got very big. Especially in girth. But then I stagnated and suddenly it got smaller, contracted and resistant. This it what happened every time I start up with a routine as I mentioned. The idea now is to break this pattern if it’s possible. That’s the plan anyway.

I was wondering though. If you take a deacon break after a routine seem to fail. How long should the break be? Is three days enough, weeks or what?

I will look into flaccid dry jelqs.

Thanks for the replies so far.

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