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Penis reaction to PE?

Penis reaction to PE?

I have read a lot of threads where people say that after a good PE session your penis should stay slightly enlarged for a few hours, but this has never happened to me. Maybe it does for 5-10 minutes, but then it goes back to its regular size. I haven’t taken measurements yet so I wouldn’t know if I have gained or not. But is this a reaction that everyone should have to PE?


Well had same thing at the beginning of PE journey.

It has changed for me after about two weeks.

I figured out that if i put more force in exercises i don’t get this effect.

So you’re saying that I shouldn’t use too much force? I was doing my research and came across threads saying that it’s all about the right amount of force, so I started applying force to the point where I feel pressure but doesn’t hurt. Still nothing really changes and my unit goes back to normal too quick.

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