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Penis Pumps

Penis Pumps

What’s the best 1 on the market, but at a great price? And does anybody know anything about this 1 called: “BIG MAN’S PUMP” made by, CalExotics Novelties ?

Do not buy any pump with a squeeze bulb or a gasket at the bottom of the cylinder for sealing. They are very poor quality and not worth any price. So, that Big Man’s Pump is crap.

If you think you will be serious about pumping at all, you should use a professional system that has a gauge on the pump and thick walled cylinders. I would recommend the Deluxe Pump from lapdist.…tegory_Code=all


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I have had my LA Pump for about a month, I am very happy with it. I got the deluxe pump.

Dickhard,I have one of those “novelty” pumps.That is just what it is too. It’s a toy.If your serious about pumping listen to the vets and get yourself a real pump.Then you know your not wasting your hard earned money or your valuable time.

Many years ago, before I knew for sure that PE was for real I bought myself a novelty pump without a gauge. Even though it was cheap and bad quality I would probably have had more success with it today, now that I know what to do, but then this forum didn’t exist, hell Internet had not yet been invented by Al Gore :D

I didn’t know what to do though and did probably everything wrong. I lasted a month and then threw it away.

What happened was that I pumped like a madman and my dick looked pretty weird after every 1 hour session (with no brake!!!). Promise me you’ll never do this! I approximate the pressure I then used to somewhere around 10-11 mmHg. I tried with my pump from Lapdist to pump to the level where I felt the same pressure (very close to pain) that I did with my first pump. Seeing the actual pressure I must have been using back then and considering that the recommended maximum pressure in this forum is 5 mmHg I realised that i could have ruined my dong. I was lucky though.

Also the first pump set was really crap quality wise. Cheap plastic, rubber sealing, too large tube for my size, not comfortable at all and a worthless pump. Also there was a hole in the tube that you had to put your finger on while pumping and releasing when you wanted to depressurize - very stupid in my opinion.

The Lapdist pump has a little depressurize button on the pump itself and the overall quality of the unit is excellent. I’m sure both the tube and the pump could last a lifetime if taken care of. You might have to change the seals in a few years but that’s a minor cost and hopefully you’ll have satisfying gains by then :)

What I’m trying to say is that, yes you could get a feeling of what pumping is like with a novelty pump BUT you will probably not like it very much and there is a higher risk of injury if you don’t have a reliable gauge. If you are sure about PE and pumping you should invest in a somewhat more expensive but much more reliable product then the one you mentioned.

Good luck!

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