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Penis pump or Thunder place exercices

Penis pump or Thunder place exercices

Hello there.I wanna a have a bigger penis. So whats the difference between the thunders place exercises and a special penis pump?

I heard that you can also get a bigger penis when you use a penis pump. Has someone experience with penis pump?

There is tons and tons of information here, read some. Your question indicates you haven’t really read anything here yet.

By the way, welcome to Thunders place. Go to the newbie section and begin to read the articles. For pumping, go to the Pumpers Forum and read “Pumping 101”.

If you indicate that you are willing to do some work for yourself by reading what is already here, you will find many people willing to help.

Hi fibu77,

sparkyx is indeed correct; there’s a lot of information here and you should do some reading. If you’re having trouble with English to German, we do have some German members here who may be able to help you out.

Mostly we recommend the newbie routine for the first three months, and during that time you can read up on the various other techniques out there.

If you’re interest is pumping, we have a whole sub-forum called The Pumper’s Forum.

I’d still strongly recommend that you begin with the newbie routine first, though.

Welcome to Thunder's Place.

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Hi Fibu77,

Mr. Happy has brought to my attention that there is a newbie from germany who might need some assistance.

Ich bin auch aus D und kann gern helfen.

Viele Grüße


Later - ttt

Hi Fibu, the main difference between pumping and natural PE is that with natural PE you obtain a more lasting increase whereas in pumping you obtain a more temporary increase. It is much easier to do natural PE and cement your gains. It takes much longer in pumping. Follow the newbie routine for 3 months as the others have said. Good luck.

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Okay I will do that. Thank you for your help.


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