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Penis pump injury.

Penis pump injury.

I purchased a penis pump several months ago mainly out of curiosity and have used it occasionally since then. It resulted my penis hanging thicker and longer in it’s flaccid state. Over the weekend I got a little overzealous and used it for much longer than usual and combined it with jelqing. Since then my penis has shriveled up short and tight and is apparently bruised. I hope I didn’t do any permanent damage.

Take a minimum of two weeks off. The only time you touch your dick is when you wash or take a piss. Next time go slow. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

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I hope he.didnt get a hard flaccid.

I think it’s highly unlikely you’ve done anything permanent. Just take a couple weeks off, and I’m sure things will return to normal.

Thanks for the tips. Djrobins’ comment is scary. Hard flaccid eh? How does one treat that? No touching for 2 weeks? Omg omg omg : (

Raybbaby’s comment is reassuring..

I was thinking about putting some ice on it? Kind of a sharp pain on one side.

I think 2 weeks off to let it heal, and probably another 2 weeks will help it be less prone to re-injury. One of my least favorite things about PE injuries is the time you have to take off. I’ve found one of the best things I can do when I’m injured is to not worry about it. Sometimes checking on an injury ever couple days seems to make it drag on forever, much like watching as you wait for water to boil. As soon as i quit worrying and thinking about it for a week, the injury will just up and disappear.

Wow this site is great.. In no small part to the community here. It’s encouraging to be able to share something so intimate and personal with people who are knowledgable, supportive and sympathetic.

@Raybbaby too true. I was extensively examining it and taking a bunch of pics from different angles. I may share them as a warning to others. They’ll definitely serve as a reminder to me to be more careful.

Take some time off until he heals. I recently had an injury didn’t take the time off and it turned into a bigger problem. Listen to the advice on this tread take time off until it is completely healed.

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