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Penis problem

Penis problem

1.since I started to see my penis erected I saw a little “glitch in the system”.
My penis is ok till the middle and then it turns to the left.
I just wanted to know if it is fixable with PE.
If not what should I do?

2. I started to see that I don’t ejaculate very good lately..
About a year ago I wanted to see if my penis is ok with it’s functions and I saw that I don’t ejaculate very good (I think).
The sperm is getting towards the end and when it’s getting their it doesn’t “spit” it out very good, I get an orgasm, ejaculate and the sperm just goes a few cm ahead and thats it. Since then, every time I masturbate it is the same.
What should I do?

There are shooters and there are dribblers. If you used to shoot and now you dribble, try to figure out if something in your program of PE might be excessive. If you have always sort of dribbled, you may be a dribbler and there is nothing wrong with that. Doesn’t affect fertility or sexual performance in the least.

Curves and bends are common characteristics of penises. Only when they are painful, become more pronounced, or interfere with sex should you worry about them. Some bends are a real advantage sexually.



So can I or not “fix” my curve with PE or not? If yes How?

Some members claim to have reduced curves while doing PE exercises. Perhaps it works if the bend isn’t too sharp, but I personally don’t think much can be done without surgery.

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