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Penis power erection creamvip cream

Penis power erection creamvip cream

HI there, I was wondering if anyone can help. I have recently discovered a penis cream for sale online, which is supposed to enhance erections and help heal hard tissue scars and soften the hard tissue, in the penis. Does anybody know if this stuff actually works? I bought a product called Penis power cream on ebay but I think the container is filled with handcream, as it didn’t work and it looked and smelled like handcream.
I have also noticed another product called VIP cream, which claims to also do this.
Here is an example:


Please can anybody tell me if this stuff works and helps to thicken the penis and heal the damaged tissue?

Thanks in advance.

SAVE your money. This is just another hyped product for the gullible public.

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Nothing left to be said really. Thunder pretty much pwned that one.

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Wow, what a great job westla did on that exposing dr lin thread.

Horny Bastard

Wot About Power Cream

Ok so Dr Lin is exposed and VIP Cream doesn’t work, but does any other penis power creams work? All I’m looking to acheive is straightening and thickening of the penis, not too bothered about the length.

It says that these creams work to circulate the blood better for a harder erection and over time, heals the hard tissue scars. Surely there is something out there that can do that? It doesnt sound too impossible does it?

If anyone knows of any creams or ointments that will do this (ie, thicken and straighten) (even if it lasts for a short time) please let me know as I have a dirty weekend planned soon! And I want to make sure it doesnt look awful! Cheers.

Snake oil.

Use your head.

People lie to get your money. How will you determine lies from the truth? Think about it. It is not just about this cream you are interested in, it is how you will be wise enough to avoid doing stupid things in your life. Some people see advertisements like this and know immediately how to react, others wonder. Which type do you want to be? Where do you find the truth? In the words of those trying to get your money?

Horny Bastard

Snake oil

So snake oil would work? Where would I get that from?

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