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Penis Pills.

Penis Pills.

Newbie to PE. Was wondering if any one thinks that getting PE pills is a good idea to run alongside the streches.. And if so, what are the best one on the market. As I know that there are meny that are just a rip off.

Thank you very much for your time, this is something I wanted to do for ages but did not have any info on this as thought none of it worked..

Anyone with some results as well, like inches that have been gained would be good for my confidence.



Don’t waste your money. Like pissing it down a rat hole on the pills.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

The pills might contain some erection enhancing ingredients but they will not permanently increase your dick size. The effective ingredients ( horny goat weed, ginko, yohimbe etc ) can be bought much more cheaply if you want to try them. Try searching online for herbal suppliers.

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Thanks for your time in replying.. Was really hoping that it would be a good idea to do both pills and excise. :( ..

Thanks again.

BTW, what are the best excises to girth?? I’m just under 8 inces long, but it’s like a pencil.. Girth is my number objective.


Use the search engine, there’s plenty of information on gaining girth.

Welcome to Thunders, and good luck

For newbies the best girth exercise is jelqing. You can search for and move on to more intense things in a month or so. Read the first thread in the newbie forum and follow all the links. Everything you need to know about getting started is there. Learn about our members’ thoughts on pills by looking in the Review forum. The link to the PE Data Site, at the bottom of every page, will tell you about who has gained and how long it took.

Hay guys.. Thanks for making me feel welcome.. Just checked out the newbie section about getting started.. Sooooo much info..

Thanks again. And good luck to everyone on there ventures.

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