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Penis Obsession

Penis Obsession

I have been trying to become a member here for a little over 2 months, and am now fortunate enough to be able to post my question. For the last year or so, I have been very insecure to the point of being obsessed with my penis. I think alot of this comes from confusion, and a lack of results in a previous attempt at PE, and the fact that my girlfriend can’t orgasm. However it is good to know there are others like me who have overcome their insecurities by actually making gains rather than spending copious amount of cash on therapy. I have a couple questions that pertain to dealing with the insecurities until the gains come. First, I want to say that I am naturally very obsessive, I mean it’s possible that I could gain a solid 1/2-1 inch, and still doubt PE.I have felt that naturally hopeless about my penis. I am wandering if anyone else was that huge of a skeptic to begin with, and how they coped.

My size was never something I really dealt with in High School as I played many sports. I had heard of people who got ragged on for having a small penis, but aside from the run of the mill jokes between friends I don’t recall ever having a specific comment where someone said my penis was small in those years. The only thing I ever heard is that it had a peculiar shape. When my obsession started to get bad, I ordered the x4 extender. I had faith that the product would work. I had always measured myself at about 5.75 inches NBP, and about 6.5 inches BP, After a month or so of using the extender I checked with a different ruler, I was then close to 6.2 inches NBP, and about 7 BP. I thought for sure I had gain, in fact my penis seemed a bit bigger, and didn’t stay quite as small in the flaccid state. I continued to use the extender for the same time frame, (a very light 12-15 hours week), I did not measure for about 3 more months, and I had felt about as big as ever. That day I had taken adderall, I could tell on the different ruler I was on (at a different place) that I was going to be smaller, I got so nervous that I ejaculated probably 5-7 times before I got hard enough for a maximum erection, it came out with the same number I had started with 5.75 inches NBP. There was no significant weight gain during this time, and I measured in the exact same manner. Needless to say, I litterally fell into a deep depression. I could not get it up to masterbate or have sex, Penis enlargement literally became impossible at least in my own head. I desperately looked for other alternatives, and I begin doing luda’s newbie workout. My penis began to look fuller, but I definitiely did not want to measure and become depressed. Finally after 6 weeks of the newbie routine, I maxed out at 6.4 inches on the ruler where I was once 6.2 As I am extremely obsessed with accuracy, I know I did not cheat at all, so that gives me some hope. As for girth I am a little disappointed because I feel I lost the initial girth from the first few weeks. Does this ever happen? Also I am wandering if 1/16th of an inch is a pretty normal girth gain in 2 months?

Lastly, I have been spending about a 1/2 hour a day on the newbie routine (2 on one off),

Although I have measured myself as high as 7.4 inches BP, I think that number is more accurately 7.15 if done from the top. I hear alot of people saying they want an 8X6 inch penis. I really have little interest in being that big as I feel a 7X5.25 NBP would get plenty of compliments. I am really looking to get to the point when I am a solid 7.5-8 inches BP, and 5.25 girth. Assuming that I am 7.1 inches BP, and 4.8-4.9 inches girth. I am literally only looking to put on less than a half inch in both length and girth from here, what routine will I want to use after the 3 months of NR? Also could different rules provide up to a 1/2 inch difference in measurement?

I know this message is very scattered, but this has literally drove me crazy over the last year, It has in many ways halted my emotional growth completely, any help from anyone who has experienced something similar, and has any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Stick to the routine and measure strictly every 4 months and you will see a result but you must stay consistent with your measuring techniques.

Started: NBPEL 5.5 == EG: 5

Current: NBPEL 7.5 == EG: 6

Goal: NBPEL 8 == EG: 6

First point, your starting length is in the average. Second point, penile length can vary, even in the erect state, due to many factors, like in example medicines assumptions - (just to say: are you on anti-anxiogenous /blood pressure pharmacs?).

Focus on the good sides: you have seen that PE works. About the practic point, mrlength said it right, be consistent and measure rarely.

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