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Penis looks smaller after a session.


Penis looks smaller after a session.

Hi, after a workout my penis simply looks much smaller flaccid.

After what I have read it should look bigger, but it don’t, it shrimps:/ I just started and I’m jelqing at 80% erection pretty hard. Could this have something to do with it? Thanks for any answers:)

You are going too hard on your tool and causing trauma. Vets advise starting soft and easy, if you can gain with little effort, why go hard?You will have plenty of time for that after the newbie methods start not working any more.

Hey there oysteinn, well I think you should lower the force you use, if you are a newbie try doing 50-70% erection and grab your cock softly. Don’t try to force it cause you will only hinder your gains. Your dick is supposed to look “puffy”, at least thats what mine looks like after a session and Ive been growing!!

Another tip, do your jelqs SLOWLY. Dont rush it, and if a newbie, also try to do not more that 50 jelqs, then try to rise the number.

By the way, I’m not laughing at you but the expression that a dick “shrimps” just made me laugh. I think you meant shrinks. Don’t worry, English is not my first language either.

Thanks for the advice, both of you:) And of course I meant shrinks, haha.

.. I’m 3 weeks in and I jelq at about 40-60% errect. I still get puffy at the end, and veins stick out like crazy (I’m gettin new ones popping up all the time) so it must be working and I never feel the discomfort I get when I jelq harder.

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I will get shrinkage after a PE workout if I either

1) Work PE too hard, or 2) Ejaculate after the PE session.

Hope this helps.

S.O. at P.B.

Is it okay to ejaculate after a PE session or is it not recommended?

I have heard different things Computer.

1) It is bad to ejaculate before or after PE because A) you want to keep your penis in the biggest state possible for as long as possible, and B) when you ejaculate your blood chemistry changes in such a way that far less blood flows to your penis, resulting in your penis shrinking down to normal.


2) It is fine. There does not seem to be any logic behind the “it is fine” theory, but there are plenty of people here to claim to be getting gains while having an orgasm shortly before or after a workout.

Personally, I NEVER EVER have an orgasm before or after a workout. If i need to wank it, I do it as far from my workout as possible.

But, like all factors in PE, i am guessing that it has more to do with personal chemistry than anything else. Do what works for you!

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Originally Posted by computerjunkie
Is it okay to ejaculate after a PE session or is it not recommended?

Many people do not recommend it, however, some have done it after sessions and say it has not affected gains. I personally do not do it.

I have had the same, twice. Both times I overheated warming up and after.

Well, now these last couple of days I have taken it very slowly and carefully, jelqing at about 40-50% erect. But still it shrinks into nothing.

Is this bad? Should it be like this?

Do you jelq after stretching? I found that jelquing before stretching, fatigues the penis less and afterwards, I usually hang a bit longer.

Another thing you could try is to reheat during all your routine - this improves circulation which will also help with a longer flaccid hang.

Yes I jelq after stretching. Thanks for the advice, I’ll try it out:)

This is so damn frustrating, nothing I have tried works:( Does this affect my gains? Sorry for asking alot, but I’m really frustrated.

Originally Posted by oysteinn

This is so damn frustrating, nothing I have tried works:( Does this affect my gains? Sorry for asking alot, but I’m really frustrated.

You might have to invest in some ADS - all day stretching equipment or an extender, put it on for as long as you can straight after your PE session and I guarantee that you’ll be hanging longer after you take it off.

Sometimes it happens to me - it often depends on how tired I am, my diet or ambient temperature. It hasn’t stopped me gaining so don’t focus on it too much.

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