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Penis jerks backwards sometimes

Penis jerks backwards sometimes

Hey guys,

So I don’t even really do PE, got a decent sized wang to begin with so I don’t care too much.. Anyway, I’ve had some pelvic floor/prostatitis problems for a while now and my muscles are like hypersensitive down there..

Just recently, I’ve noticed a couple times over the past few months, sometimes when I touch my glans, if it’s too sensitive or something, my penis seems to tug back or pull backwards.. This happened twice when I had an erection, and even with an erection the whole dick jerks back and gets smaller, like a muscle spasm/contraction.

To make matters worse, a lot of times after one of these tugging back spasms, my penis feels really light for a week or two afterward.

Has anyone else experienced this backwards pull of the penis shaft? Which muscle is responsible and why/how does it lead to my penis feeling really light for a while after?? Is PC muscle? BC / IC muscle?

I just want it to stop, I’m not even pulling on my penis or anything weird, it’s just like a hyper sensitive muscle reaction.


I’m thinking the pull back response is nerve related.

The pudendal nerve which runs through the pelvic floor is also responsible for penis nerve sensation and feeling.

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It is a good guess I suppose, TS. But no one can know better than your doctor, Moxsum; it sounds like something that requires direct examination by a professional physician.

Have you injured yourself in any way recently from the waist down? Leg, foot, fallen on your arse?

The reason I ask is that a quick spasm like that can be an aversion reaction, and it doesnt necessarily have to be an injury to the area which reacts.

I ask out of curiosity, but go see a Dr immediately.

Hey.. Mm dunno, I’ve fallen a couple times but no serious injuries down there.. But like I said I’ve been having pelvic floor issues for over a year now which I think this is connected to.. Whats an “aversion” reaction? Yea it’s like my whole pelvic floor is hypersensitive, my anal muscles contract quickly too..

I’ve searched on the internet and found a few other instances of guys complaining of the “light” feeling penis, normally after they overworked the PE stuff, which I havent done really.. It’s just like a spasm, puill back of my penis. And spasms in my anal/pc muscles too during BM etc.

What you are experiencing is probably the bulbocavernosus reflex. It is a normal reflex mechanism:…vernosus-reflex. It is sometimes tested in cases of suspected neurogenic erectile dysfunction, although its absence may not be a definite indicator of ED due to neurological disease:

It is also used to assess the presence or absence of spinal shock following spinal cord trauma:

It is not a bad thing that you have a bulbocavernosus reflex, but yours sounds a bit hyperactive which might be an indication of nerve irritation.

Hey redbear..

thanks for that, yes that seems like the most logical explanation.. the only part I dont understand is.. normally I think of the BC muscle as causing the penis to jerk upwards.. like normally when I have a boner and the BC flexes, my penis bounces upwards, and it still does this so thats good.. BUT its just sometimes it tugs backwards on the penis instead of just flexing it up.. I guess the BC can do that too?

And anyone have any idea why this contraction often leads to my penis feeling really light for a while afterward? Its not very common but ive found a couple other guys who have experienced the same light/airy feeling penis.. normally after overworking there units.. and it always goes away, but its just odd, what could make the penis feel real light even though its still full and veins are engorged etc.

I don’t know about the light sensation. Sure contraction of the bulbocavernosus (or bulbospongiosus) muscle will tend to cause the penis to pull back toward the body. Stretch your flaccid penis straight out under some tension and do a strong Kegel. The “tug back” that you feel is the “T” in the LOT (“loss of tug back”) theory.

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