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Penis Healing Cream

Penis Healing Cream

I have read tons of threads about the oils and creams you guys use here. I was wondering did any of them work to keep your skin healthy. And maybe one that has a vosodialator that would be good for jelqing. I made one last nast but idk how its gonna work. It defit made it more vieny and hang better. Made it feel smoother also.

My wife bought me a cream from the local novelty store it was called Mr Thick Dick. I used some to help gain a erection when I was having ed problems the stuff works well believe it or not. I have been using bio oil and coacoa butter to help my skin heal and stay healthy. Then I got the bright idea let’s make a mix and see how it works. For jelqing and just heal it.

I mixed 6 ml of bio oil with 6ml of coacoa butter and it was great for jelqing and made it feel smooth when applied before bed. Then I though maybe I could add some of the cream my wife bought and some l-arginine to it to spice things up. Open up veins and bring healing blood in post pe. Kind of like a post pe cream.

So the mix is this:
3ml bio oil great for stretch marks and scars
3ml of coacoa butter great for the skin
3ml of the Mr Thick Dick seems to work makes it thicker with more veins.
22.5 grams l-arginine alpha ketogluterate

This made it a little thick so I added more bio oil which is similar to olive oil consistency. First I applied it to my wrist and inside of my leg to make sure I had no reactions. I used it last night for my whole pe workout it made a warming sensation. Jelqing went great with it. Made the veins pop like crazy. Made it feel thicker also. Just feel like its missing a edge does anyone have a mixture they use as a healing supplement. I know it want make it bigger but increased blood flow over time will make a big difference. With healing and size imo. I did not spend money on these things for this just had them around the house. So it was results for the price.

Aloe Vera is supposed to be a good healer, but I don’t know of PE applications. I know there’s a pump lube that contains it called gun oil, I believe the penomet guys sell it.

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