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2Dicks - you can find a glossary of abbreviations on this page.

What I wanted you to read is this:

Style and language

  • Save the slang for another forum! Use you instead of u and your instead of ur. Also 2 does not mean to or too. Got the idea?? Good !!!
  • Capitalize the first word of your post title.
  • Capitalize the first word of each sentence. Though it may be artsy and creative to start a sentence with a lower case letter, in this venue it is not preferred.
  • Do use paragraph breaks for longer posts. It’s very hard for members to read a post that goes on at length without them.
  • Avoid excessive use of or —- in your posts. There are times it is appropriate. However, often, a period or semi-colon to break a thought and start a new one works just as well and is easier to read.
  • Please re-read your post before submitting to check for spelling errors - we have included a spell checker for your convenience, please use it!
Perfection is not required, but common sense is appreciated. Simply try to be mindful of these things in order to keep the posting quality of the forum high.


Best Way To Enlarge Penis Head size

What is the best PE Exercise to enlagre the Penis Head?

Read the thoughts in this thread.

Just normal Jelq for a big fat dick, I think you should do that for at least 5 years, 10 years would be bang on


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