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Penis Head Blues

Penis Head Blues

I’m relatively new to P.E and my exercises are going well, and I’ve begun to see some real gains. However I have a scar on one side of the head (glans) of my penis, that’s about half a cm away from the meatus. With more and more PE sessions this scar begins to bubble out until it breaks, with me having to wait for it to heal before before I can resume PE. This is making PE very difficult as I can only do so many sessions before having to stop each time the scar breaks, and wait for it to heal. After it breaks its a rather unsightly dark red “blotch”, until it clears up. By the way I am circumcised, if that has anything to do with the scar.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would post this is a different forum, but I cant even though I am a member…

You could try reducing your routine to something short and simple, maybe even less intensity. Other than that I’m not sure what advice to give.

Maybe use some retin-A on the scar to try and reduce it….

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You can’t post because you don’t have sufficient posts. Anyway don’t PE for a while because you’re not giving a lot time to heal. The scar begins again because the tissue is damaged.

Massage the scar circularly with warm water with a cotton cloth.


If jelqing is causing the problem, you may need to change your technique. Are you using the “OK” grip and lube? You might benefit from trying the dry jelq technique. Instead of using the “OK” grip, which puts pressure on the corpus spongiosum (CS, the ridge on the underside of your penis) which is connected to the glans (head)), this technique uses fingers and thumbs on each side and avoids a lot of pressure on the CS which might be contributing to your problem by putting pressure on the glans and expanding your scar.

Is this an old scar, or is it from a recent injury? You may need to concentrate more on hanging & stretching in addition to changing your jelqing technique.

Thanks for all the advice guys.

I’ve had the scar for as long as I can remember, I don’t really know how I got it. My current PE routine consists of manual stretching, wet jelqing and Horses.

I’ll give the dry jelq a try, after giving the scar a chance to heal. I suppose any head enlarging exercises are out of the question too.

Thanks again

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