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Penis has a "dent" in it.

Penis has a "dent" in it.

Awhile ago I was jelqing/stretching consistently for about a month. I believe I had minimal gains but I had to stop for one reason or another (not really PE related.) At that time though I noticed that on the right side of my penis I developed what appears to be a “dent.” It’s like the side of my penis is straight and then just after my circumcision scar my penis goes in slightly. The only thing I can think of is that it is from squeezing to hard while stretching. The dent is around the approximate area where I grab to stretch. It isn’t right under the glands, it’s in between the glands and the circumcision scar. It doesn’t hurt, it isn’t discolored or anything but it does worry me slightly. Even after I took a couple months off from PE it is still there. I’m worried that if I start up again it may worsen or turn into Peyronie or something. Anyone had similar problems are know of solutions? Much appreciated!

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Ok, now for the wiseass response.

Take it to a “body” shop.

REally, I think the dent was always there, just masked with foreskin or maybe you hadn’t paid much attention to it?

For your peace of mind, have it checked, but for my 10 cents worth, if it isn’t discolored, doesn’t hurt and doesn’t affect performance, there’s nothing wrong.

Your dick is going to go through alot of changes when starting and continuing PE. It’s all part of the process. Keep asking and searching here if get concerned about your efforts/results. The forum has put my mind at ease many times.

From what I’ve seen, Peyronie’s usually occurs further down the shaft and is often associated with curvature. If you’re really concerned, you can try posting a picture and asking for comments.

Just remember to post in the Member Pics forum (not here).

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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