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Penis Hard When Flaccid.

Understood. Abstinence for another week. :)

If you are so worried, speaking with a Doc would be a good idea - sometimes getting anxious becomes the real problem.

Have you tried rolls? If/when my unit gets a bit hard-flacid I take it between my hands and roll it. I do four positions; 1) one hand left one right just below the glans, 2) L/R at the base, 3) one hand top, one hand under just below the glans, 4) top/under at the base.

I do this several times throughout the day along with regular massage. I keep the tissue soft and blood circulating. I’ve found that it quickly removes any discoloration from clamping AND keeps the boy from turtling or getting hard/flacid.

Well when it goes hard and flaccid, if I massage it it goes back to being RELATIVELY normal.

Sounds like overtraining, I think.

Toss in some anxiety and you’ve got a perpetum mobile of issues.

regards, mgus

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A lot of people get this, I think it’s nothing to worry about. It’s just a property the penis has, the tissues can get stiff even when not erect.

I get that from time to time, it doesn’t seem to have anything with PE to do. I haven’t PE for over a year and I get it sometimes anyway. Could be a lot of things like dehydration, stress, low temperature, etc. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, warm and relaxed. I find that heat always seems to work wonders for turtling. Oh and when your doing things like weight training the penis turtles because the blood is rushed to the muscles your training, perfectly normal.

That happened to me too.

Turned out to be over training.

I found light stretching only routines help for about a week as a long break.

I know it sucks, but it’s going to fix your problem.


I had a similar situation happen to me when I was 19.

Had not heard of PE, so never did it.

My flaccid became rock hard for about a week, scared the crap out of me. I went to the doctor and turned out it was just an inflamed urethra from too much sex with multiple partners. The different types of bacteria entering the hole caused an inflammation in the urethra, making the flaccid hard like a boner. Antibiotics and abstinence cleared it up in a couple of weeks.

I learned to use a condom after that.

The great elm.

I’m still a virgin, so it can’t be that. Also I have no pains so.

I now that is the same that others had just told you, but try to sleep a little more and look for some good pornography. It should help you.

I shouldn’t need pornography at my age, something is physically wrong.

No, I can’t in my circumstances. As kingpole said it’s something doctors will turn a blind eye to, and is easily fixed by warm wraps and ginkgo.

So I will stick by this for atleast one month before thinking of consulting professional advice.

Don’t take everything that kingpole says as gospel. If one fucking doc won’t listen, find another one. Or, drag the problem out until it gets worse. Your choice.

Love you kingpole, but you have been warned before about giving “medical” advice. ;)

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I had this when everytime I do stretching.

I felt like the ligament become hard and make my penis stiff and tight.

But it will go away by 1-2 days

I think aussie644 is right. Sometimes it’s all in your head. Don’t stress too much about it and see what happens.


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