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Penis hangs out not down


You will always have this anatomical condition, it is just the way your genetics prescribed your package. If you want the condition to improve (when exposed to the right conditions) you should work on your sack.

Scrotum stretching will result in a lower hang due to the position of your balls being lowered. However, it will only aid you in warmer than usual atmospherics; another words, when sauna like conditions are present you will experience a nice low hang position.

Or, just take pictures or present yourself to your gal in the mornings (just getting up), when your testicals and schlong will be at there best flaccid hang position. You will have to hurry because after you tinkle your package will contract and assume the status quo, do not sweat it, just work to get the big boner. Hang long, hang tough.

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This thread is rapidly turning ridiculous.

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by mravg
I used to have the problem, and I think it had to do with my flacid length being too short for it to hang down. It would just kind of poke straight out of it’s turtleneck. The problem was that the tip of my penis would rub against my pants and be uncomfortable. PE has completely cured that. My flacid length is much longer and it hangs low all the time now, and never turtles.

Sometimes this happens to me. When I jog or run on the treadmil this happens a lot. My penis will touch the front of my underware and it will feels really weird and makes running harder. I am usually around 3.5-4.5 flacid.


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