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Penis feels raw after doing jelqs using cocoa butter

Penis feels raw after doing jelqs using cocoa butter

Hello everyone, newbie here.

I’ve been lurking for the past month and have been doing a lot of reading before starting my PE regiment about 2 weeks ago. My pre-PE measurements are 5.75 inches BPEL and my EG (erect girth?) is about 4.75 at the base. Some more personal info: I’m a 30 year old, Vietnamese male, 5’9” and 175 pounds, reasonably fit/healthy (I go to the gym and engage in physical activity daily), I don’t smoke tobacco and rarely drink alcohol. I’m in a committed/monogamous relationship and am PE’ing for myself, not because my GF thinks I’m small. I have to go pretty slow to get my man-pole in her during sex and, as everyone can see from my stats, my dick is fairly average at best. My goal: 7 X 5.5 (always wanted to join the 7 inch club!).

So I’m following the newbie routine, 2 exercise days with 1 day rest. 5 minutes warm towel, 10 minutes or more of stretching (up, down, sideways, v bends, etc.) and anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes of wet jelqs. Then another 5 minutes of warm towel + 5 minutes of stretches. Then kegals if I remember to do them. I plan on incorporating light pumping and ADS at some point. If I like the ADS, I’ll try hanging as well (although this will be difficult for me due to lack of privacy/live-in-GF).

Sorry about that rambling intro, now on to my problem:

I got overly enthusiastic a couple of days ago and did 2 sessions in one day, morning and night. Normally, I lube up with KY or baby oil when I wet-jelq but during my 2nd session, I used cocoa butter. While edging after my 2nd session, I accidently shot my load (not sure if this is an aggravating factor or not). Yesterday, my dick was feeling pretty “raw” (ie. Kind of chaffed and feeling like I rubbed it one too many times), something I attributed to both the cocoa butter and doing 2 sessions in one day.

5 questions:

1) My dick seems back to normal today after a full day of rest with no PE. Can I resume my normal routine?

2) Any suggestions on lubrication for wet jelqing? I’m not messing around w/ cocoa butter anymore..

3) Is it acceptable to do the newbie routine twice in one day with rest on the next day? Or is that overkill this early in the game? I don’t want to overwork my dick and toughen up the fibers, inhibiting future growth, I realize that it is going to take a long-term commitment from me in order to reach my goals.

4) My dick is starting to show a lot more veins, even while flacid. I’m assuming this is a good thing, as it shows increased blood flow. However, on my 2-session day, the vein on top of my dick felt slightly “achy” and “throbbing.” What are the symptoms of a “vein rupture” and how can I tell if this has happened to me?

5) Regarding the “raw” and “chaffed” dick-symptoms I described above (despite using ample lubrication), is this normal when first starting PE? I’m assuming it is. And does the “raw” feeling after a good jelq session go away in time as my cock gets used to these exercises?

Thanks in advance and my apologies if these questions are redundant or have already been covered in old threads/posts!

- HungLow123

Hey HungLow123 ( can I call you Hung?)

I’m so glad you did research before diving in, I’ll try to help you and answer your questions the best I can.

1= This one is totally up to you, listen to your body, only you know if something is really wrong, but I would strongly suggest you wait an additional day or 2. When you think about it, whats 2 days off, compared to several months off because you were over eager and injured yourself, let’s be safe and not sorry.

2= I’m really partial to ID Glide water based lube, and any other water based lube, when it dries out, a little warm water does the trick. When I don’t have lube I use petroleum jelly, its a little messy sometimes, but it works pretty good for me. Some experimentation may be in order for you. I think there are a few threads on the “best lube” floating around here on the forums somewhere.

3=If I read correctly you are about 2 weeks in. Take it slow, I know there is a tendency to rush and think more is better, but right now you need to condition your body for the exercises. This early in your PE career 2 full exercise sets a day may be too much and you may either over train and not see results, or injury yourself. Please just take it slow and pace yourself, after a few months ( 3-4 usually) you’ll know how you can mix it up.

4=More veins are almost always a good sign. if you are feeling anything beyond a gentle throb or a slight soreness you may have over-trained. Perhaps you need to take a little time off until things return back to normal. In my opinion you really are moving a little too fast and your body is trying to tell you, listen to it. As far as vein rupture is concerned I’m not entirely sure, but I seriously recommend some time off to gauge the situation.

5=In my time PE’ing, I have never experienced rawness or chaffing on my unit. Perhaps you need more lube or a different lube, maybe the cocoa butter wasn’t a good enough lubricant for you. So in my experience that is not normal, perhaps someone else can chime in regarding that. Also please do not make any assumptions as far as what’s normal, I really appreciate the fact you did research for a month, but it doesn’t stop there. You’ve embarked on a journey to change a body part that you feel (as I think I can safely say we all do) is important. This means you’ll be in for tons of digging, searching and researching until you get a little experience under your belt and find a nice niche and get comfortable and intune with your body. If I somehow mistook what you meant by “raw” and you are saying you are slightly sore, then yes that is normal, but if it is raw and hurts when you touch it, or get an erection, take a little time off.

Well I tried my best to address all of your concerns, perhaps the other guys can help you a little better than I was able to. But I hope this helps, and I can’t stress enough how important it is to take it slow and be patient. In the begging of my Pe’ing career my motto was and has always been ” take it slow and it will grow” and it will. Many of us your brothers, are proof of that fact. You can do it Hung, just listen to your body, work smart not hard, and take it slow. I look forward to your success

Best wishes, Zerone

Zerone: I appreciate the kind words, encouragement and advice man. Based on what you’ve told me, I’ve decided to take a day off, perhaps I’ve overtrained (maybe I’m being a bit of a puss, but better to err on the safe side when it comes to my johnson!).

Best of luck to you and hope everybody on this forum (especially myself) experiences plentiful gains!

- HungLow123

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