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Penis extender recommended use


Originally Posted by Gravik

I just started wearing my extender again, since I just did the velcro strap modification. Much better than the noose or comfort strap.

What kind of velcro product? Do you mean cable-tie type velcro strapes that you would use to secure wound cables?

Go to MOS or PEgym and do a search for velcro mod. Not sure if posting outside links is allowed here or not.

Works way better than the comfort strap, zero slippage, etc.

I need to find what works best for me, the noose becomes uncomfortable for me and the comfort strap doesnt give a good grab, and forces the skin to pu rather then the ligs.

Looking into these mods.

Originally Posted by workingonitnow
I need to find what works best for me, the noose becomes uncomfortable for me and the comfort strap doesnt give a good grab, and forces the skin to pu rather then the ligs.

Looking into these mods.

I still use the noose, and I know what you mean about the comfort strap. I notice wrapping the penis in gauze helps. But what works even better is a long thick baby sock with the end cut off. I could not find anything substantial about the Velcro modification spoke of earlier in this thread. One thing I can say for sure is that wearing an extender hurts like a, well you know. But it does work. I’ve gained one cm since June 1 this year.

Originally Posted by crazyant83
I still use the noose, and I know what you mean about the comfort strap. I notice wrapping the penis in gauze helps. But what works even better is a long thick baby sock with the end cut off. I could not find anything substantial about the Velcro modification spoke of earlier in this thread. One thing I can say for sure is that wearing an extender hurts like a, well you know. But it does work. I’ve gained one cm since June 1 this year.

WOW. Thank you bro. I actually used a “medical gore” they use for wrapping cuts and bandaging larger wounds and this has provided such a better tug into the ligs then just the “outer skin” being pulled like it would with the comfort strap (foam).

Using an ADS + Manuel PE should definately help me reach my goals

Advice please

I have been doing PE for probably the best part of 2 years on and off. When I first started I was single and had a very strict routine which included 600 slow jelques, manual stretches, kegals and stretching using an extender when possible.

If I’m completely honest I have probably only really seen a difference in my errection hardness and possibly girth. I have never properly measured my penis as I find that both my flacid and erect size can vary depending on a number of things. This hasnt discouraged me though as I know that like anything worth having it will take time.

I have thought about having a mould done of my member with one of the kits available on the internet as a reference point for the future. My approximate stretched out length flacid and erect is around 6.5” and I think in the past I measured my erect girth midshaft at around 5 inches. I know it sounds silly but if I stand upright with an errection and measure my penis erect or flacid and stretched out it will come up as around 6.2”, however if I sit on a seat and open my legs to measure it seems a bit more of penis is revealed and I measure slightly longer. I assume this is completely normal?

The main reason for my post is tot ask for some advice on my current situation. I work a 9-5 job mon-fri, I do my jelquing and kegals in the morning in the toilets at the gym after I shower. I then go to work, train at the gym after work and then sit in my room and try to get between 2 and 4 hours stretching time out using my penis extending with the strap. I have only been following this routine for around a week to date as I have only recently started this new job after travelling south east asia for nearly 2 years, therefore obviously I expect no results in such a short space of time. Anyway back to the point, I see my girlfriend at the weekend and obviously I keep my PE regime to myself. The thing is for friday and saturday (sometimes sunday also) I am not able to jelque or stretch whilst she is around.

What I would like to know is with my penis being stretched for ideally 4 hours per day using my extender and around 1 hour of jelquing 4-5 days per week, will the 2-3 rest days per week prevent me from growing? As the penis is stretched when its in the device, will the results still be perminent? Will the rest days I take after the days of exercise reverse my hard work and results?

Will I still gain length from the stretching even though I’m rest a few days per week and will I still benefit from the jelquing even though I have to take the rest?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated! If I were single and worked from home it would perfect! As I am not I have to make do with the time I have available.

Thank you for your help!

You can have gains with that routine, Brad. Try doing a few mild stretches the day you can’t wear the extender, like 2-3 minutes of manual stretching 2-5 times per day, if you can. Don’t pull as hell it is counterproductive.

Brad, it should work. But it will take a while. About your measurement variations; pick one way to measure, sit, stand, or lay down, and only measure that way every time. Or measure all three ways. Remember to place the ruler in the same place every time, preferably a wooden ruler on top pressed into your pubic bone. Your erection quality will improve shortly, which you should read about if you haven’t, and your measurements will he more consistent. I recommend picking three to four spots on the penis to measure girth to help you ascertain if you get even growth.

Started ~ 2002 14.5 cm BPEL and 13 cm MSEG.

2008: Got serious, Measured ~ 15 cm BPEL and 14 cm in MSEG

1/12/2014: Measured BPEL 17.5 to 18 cm, MSEG 15, BEG 16.5

Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated. Do you think the penis mould is a good idea to help monitor gains? I swear I’m more effected by the cold than normal! My flacid size and erect measurements vary so much so that it frustrates me. I’m confident that when I’m having sex with my girlfriend I’m as hard as I can be and therefore at maximum size but like many I’m ambitious for more! The fact that I’m prepared to dedicated 5 hours of my day to this I’m sure reflects that burning desire of mine!

Is there not a magic pill I can take that will grow me 2 inches in length and an inch in girth? Haha :P on a serious note I am open to all suggestions as I’m sure others can relate to my problem around available time.

The funny thing is, if I currently had a large penis through PT gains and was exercising to make it larger then I probably wouldn’t have a problem sharing it with my girlfriend, as she would probably be more understanding if I could present her with growth results! Although I’m certain she would tell me there is no need, it is much more of a person thing that I’m sure many of you guys could relate to. In some aspects my PT goals are not even sex related.

Could an experienced stretcher please comment on my routine and share their views on if they think I will gain following my current routine and possible make some suggestions for me?

There are only so many assumptions you can make yourself before asking others for advice.

Thank you so much guys!

I’ve been using the AP for a while now.
My main complaint about it is that the springs are too hard.
I have never managed to compress them.


Hello, I am here for the soul purpose of changing your lives and the future of health and general well being of man kind, If you do decide you want to start PE “Penis Enlargement” I am here to tell you how to go about it correctly, Note that all my theory’s are based off trial and error with PE, First I know this is a Penis Extender thread so I will only be talking about Penis Extending with a Penis Extender (Note that some information can relate to various Hanging methods). First off, When extending it is very critical to use a comfort strap instead of the noose for added safety to the penile head glands, You could possibly get away with a few bruises on the penile gland but it’s entirely up to you, I personally swapped out my noose for a comfort strap early on for that reason alone and never looked back since, Also if you are having any amount of slippage early on that is a strong indicator that you have set up the Extender a bit too long, Take off a half inch or an inch, Note the Extender should fit you perfectly, Some where around where you would be when erect. Number 2 is the most important of all, It is absolutely critical to set up the Extender with the longer pointed base set up pointing downwards toward your feet, The reason for this is because it acts as a fulcrum because of how the lengthy plastic edge allows you really dig in deep into the base of the penis which in thus gives you a better burn for your session as well as possibly trapping more blood into the penis, Which leads me to number 3, Train for the pump and or pump like burn, Most people will tell you a burn is not good for penile glands, Well I’m here to tell you after all my weight lifting experience though out the years training for the pump has always been the safest and healthiest route, It only makes sense that pumping your penis up with traction will benefit your penile capillaries Now I know what you are think how is training for the burn safe, Well I wouldn’t tell you to directly train for a burn when the burn involves your penis, But, Unless you are Extending at home, You might not have the option to cease traction on the on sight of the burn, I personally would wait every till I finished my destined session time before decreasing traction and bust pray through the pain, If it got too intense where I was doing a one two step or praying to god I would one two step my ass to a bathroom or somewhere I could decrease tension and then scamper my way to a bathroom to either re apply for my set remaining time and or in my pocket in wait of my next session in 10 mins, But I’d usually end the set if it was particularly long to begin with (1.5 to 1.75 hrs), Which leads me to the next two numbers. Number 4. Shoot for 2 hours per session, When I first started off I did horribly from the beginning because of the fact that I had the rods set two long and I didn’t have the base set up correctly as well as shooting for 2 hour sessions from the get go, Do what works for you don’t just PE for a set time just because some person you don’t know tells you to, I do agree if you are Hanging (Hanging is a form of extreme PE that involves weights) you usually Wouldn’t Hang more than 20 mins because someone somewhere said that it cuts off blood flow and kills tissue, Well I’m here to tell you tissue is always dying and regenerating all over the body, Although I could see it having truth, But don’t tell me that Penis Extending with my Penis Extender is going to do more damage than good and only impede girth and length gains when I’ve seen it’s effectiveness first hand in a short amount of time. Lastly, Only until now have I realized that the base should have the longer end pointed towards the ground when you are sitting down while Extending and or hanging, Although while standing and hanging with the 1 to 1.5lb Extender plus the tension on it will more than likely cause pain if you are walking around, But I will note that it has been a long time since I was walking around with a penis extender on for hours a day, I would try Extending with the shorter side down first and see how that goes when walking around, If you feel a good pump then there you go, If not not after the first few sessions then switch sides, I just recently switched the lengthy side of the base down toward my feet while I’m sitting and Extending and I’ll tell you what, The best flipping move in my life, I actually feel the burn/pump more profoundly, I didn’t even last an hour, I will be testing it out again but I’m very excited about the promise from the extra tension, If you are a person who Hangs I would say for the majority this post will help you as well fulcrum is a hell of a stimulation. I’ve actually given up Hanging and or Penis Extension Hanging just because of the fact that I switched up my base the right way while sitting, I maybe and I mean maybe will go back to Hanging But as for now I don’t see that happening, Those penis calculators are actually the real deal and more than likely pretty accurate if done correctly.

So let’s say I get a vacextender, use it for 10 hours a day, and do a basic directional stretch routine along with cock ring edging followed up with erect jelqing. Doing that maybe 4 times a day instead of twice with a bulldozing routine at the end of the day.

Considering the vast experience and knowledge here, would that hasten the rate of growth with the extender? I realize after 3 months that’s around 900 hours, and I’m hoping for a good inch by then.

Any theories welcome. Just looking to get the tough stuff over with.


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