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Penis Extender - prob ? How to stay soft ?

Penis Extender - prob ? How to stay soft ?


I have just got a pro extender - so cheap off ebay - but god I am having a problem.

How do you stay non erect in it ? It seems that as soon as put it on , apply the strap beneath glands , that blood starts pumping and I get erect.

Your supposed to have a soft stretch right ?

The sensation of the base of the extender and then the plastic putting pressure just under my glands just pumps blood into me and I get a full on erection.

How is this solved ?

I imagine with the full on erection I may get some kind of girth gains as its kind of feels like a soft clamp but I don’t think this is right.

Any tips ? Or anyone else experienced this problem ?

I was planning to sit at my computer and have this stretching me.

Just to reply to my own post !

It was an initial thing - about 3 tries later its worked fine.

Maybe it was because I tried first thing in the morning after the post arrived.

I found what worked for me was don’t look at the contraption to much whilst putting it on.

My initial thoughts are from this pro extender off ebay is its well made, was only £14.00 whereas on the website is 400 dollars ! Don’t know why or if this is knockoff replica but the box is like the one on the site.

Gives a stretch but not a super pained stretch or a stretch like a manual one. No discomfort at all.

Perhaps I will start a progress report but I’m only first day in so its a bit pointless at the mo.

All in all , well made item, cheap as anything , doesnt give me the full on pain stretch which I was hoping for , that maybe technique or that you need an expensive one , I don’t know.

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