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Penis Extender differences.

Penis Extender differences.

I’m in the market to purchase a PE but I noticed you have quite of bit of choices. Do any of them have different effects or time frame in the effects..

I’m thinking of either ordering The Ultimate Stretcher or the Fast Size or The Quick Extender..

Any thoughts from anyone.

Usually the best place to catch anything answer wise is in the review section on here. Plenty of threads there, though it might not have any of these newer names that you mentioned, I just don’t recognize them. However, generally before you buy anything and after you have read the reviews, always account for your lifestyle on any device as well. For example, if you can’t sit around at work or home, hanging would not be the most prudent. Same things go for some extenders/ADS that won’t fit under clothes and allow you to work, drive, etc….

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Best penis extender/stretcher

The newbie routine will give you faster and better overall gains, and it will cost nothing to you. You can also make an homemade extender, saving a bit of money.

Iv just made a stretching device (something I found on a PE forum) and want to include some serious stretching in my routine.

1. Whats better, heavy stretch for shorter time or a light stretch for a longer time?
2. How long should each set be? I find that my penis becomes cold and dark after 25min (I stopped immediately as soon as I noticed)
3. For how long should the overall stretching time be?
4. Is jelqing better before or after stretching?

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