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Penis Enlargement,up to what age sustainable

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Do you mean up to what age your penis will keep to enlarge?

Do you often masturbate?


What is your technique in prolonging your ejaculation.

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Penis Enlargement,up to what age sustainable

I’m now 42 I’m fascinated when I learned about this PE . I’m good with what you call prolong ejaculation and even holdiing it to escape if I don’t want,meaniing, I my partner can have multiple orgasm till kingdom come . Surely PE will help me better with my skill in sex. My question is up to what age PE is sustainable? What should I do to sustain it even up to the age of 90?

I think Thunder is 75 if my sources are correct. :)

We do have a lot of older men on this site. A lot of them are older than you. I wouldn’t worry about it. What limits one person doesn’t necessarily limit the next guy.

Thanks xlmagnum. Sorry guys, it seems I made a mistake on posting my poll poll question? Whats the proper way anyways? This is my firstt thread attempt. I’m a week old with my PE. I noted a half inch increase. Gossh it’s good ! It helps me wake up in my morning rise.

He knows he made a mistake.


Use the search button on the top right of the page. Search for how to make a poll tutorial. Remek is the member who did that. Very helpful tool for those who don’t know quite how to use it.

I think the thread is called, “How to start a poll”

Wow! This poll is almost as good as Zachy123’s poll.

I woted “What is your technique in prolonging ejaculation.”

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

Originally Posted by Peter Dick

Wow! This poll is almost as good as Zachy123’s poll.

I woted “What is your technique in prolonging ejaculation.”

HAHAHAHHAHAHHA…Hilarious! Welcome aboard bro. Make sure you keep reading there’s alot of material here to consume. I just read for a few months before posting anything.

Yes rev, you can find the link on “how to start a poll” in my signature.

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Early in my teens ejaculatiing early was a problem I encounter. But since I am young that time I can afford to have multiple ejaculation just as my partner her multiple orgasm.I noted that my glans penis or the was so sensitive that easily excite so fast. I tried using desensitizing cream which helped me a littlle.

Later among the techniques I learned is do drink a little wine to reduce my excitement; noot soo

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