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Penis Enlargement Skeptic?

Originally Posted by cantlook
I was just as skeptical as you, however instead of preaching this skepticism (although I admit I did a bit at first) I, like many here, was smart enough to realize that the only way to know if it works was to try it for myself and give it a fair chance. No anonymous person was going to provide enough believable evidence to sway me. I approached it meticulously and methodically to prove it to myself.

Why try to disprove it? If you succeed you gain nothing. So again, like others here, we are smart enough to know if we are going to put in the effort why not shoot for success and if it works you get a longer penis, if not, you confirm your skepticism.

Yes some succeed and some fail, and in a lot of cases that failure falls on the individual. Poor technique, over training, trying too many things at once, or jumping from one exercise to the next too soon is also a common mistake. Increasing intensity when you don’t need to is also a big one. Positive attitude breeds the consistency needed to succeed with an endeavour such as this. On the other side of the coin, we are still figuring out what works best and what doesn’t so success is not guaranteed to anyone.

Why are you here coffeeman? If you are here to prove it to yourself then we are happy to help. If you are here to disprove it to us, with ghost stories and myths as your only arguments, then you are way out of your league here.

I am not looking to call anyone a liar, or disbelieving what someone says to be true.
I was just talking about the perception of PE and what people think of it.
I was just comparing PE to people believing in Ghosts or old wives tales, because probably the majority of men in the world don’t believe PE works.. I never said, IT DOESN’T WORK!
If I truly believed it doesn’t work I wouldn’t be here posting at all..

I was just taking the skeptical position, playing the cynic first to see the responses I get, I need to feed my doubt first before I can commit to something.
I have spent all week reading these threads, asking some questions, looking for responses and I have come to the conclusion it’s worth trying.

But I am still curious why this practice If it truly works, why it’s not main stream education.

Anyway I will commit 6 months to it, I will do the newbie routine for 6 months, fully committed and then I will assess again.
But before I start , I want to make sure I fully understand the techniques, the methods, and the routine so I don’t do it wrong.
So I am still reading, but I will say in a week or so, I will ready to dive in.

No one has came out and said, it’s doesnt work.. So thats a very good sign for me hahaha

Originally Posted by coffeeman

Anyway I will commit 6 months to it, I will do the newbie routine for 6 months, fully committed and then I will assess again.


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Originally Posted by coffeeman

But I am still curious why this practice If it truly works, why it’s not main stream education.

Cause there are no gains guarenteed. You have to invest time and much endurance to gain. You have to tune into your body, think and act which most of mainstream is not able to do at all.
Some take years to gain. Some lucky ones find the right amount right away and gain within months substantially.

So you can see why it is not for the average mainstream person who wants results fast and the easy way out.
Most people who fail just dont have what it takes to succeed in this.

Penis extenders are somewhat mainstream and used in medicine with some scientific trials. But even these need a good amount of experience and many hours daily for months to use properly.

Read this great thread and what people have done to succeed: Big Gainer Highlights
They all have similar skills of patience and knowledge of their own body reactions while incorporating the right intensity and variables of exercise.

One tip before you start: Measure exactly all benchmarks especially BPEL and BPFSL. Everytime the same consistent position and way.

Good luck!

My apologies. Let me know if I can assist.

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