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Penis Enlargement Results - PEGym forum member - real?

Penis Enlargement Results - PEGym forum member - real?

I posted a thread over on Reddit regarding this same thing, posting it here to get some more input/feedback. Looking to discuss some stuff.

I figured /r/penis was too busy posting pictures of themselves, so it wasn’t really the right place for discussion on a topic like this. I actually wanted to get a thread going where people with experience in PE can chime in. I see all sorts of info out there, and while I’m a huge skeptic with anything (especially something that sounds too good to be true), it seems that the various forums online for PE have withstood the time test.

By this I mean that there are long-term members, who continue to post, to log different things, some with results, some without, some pics, some without, but it seems like an AWFUL lot of work for it to just be a bunch of dummy accounts used to keep the hype going, wouldn’t you all say?

ThundersPlace, PEGym, and LPSG (Large Penis Support Group) are the three primary forums I know of, and they have a plethora of both members and information.

[This thread](…comparison.html) over on PEGym forums has a bunch of attached pictures showing the supposed results of someone doing PE (penis enlargement) exercises, mainly manual stretches and jelqs.

There exist other sites such as [Thunder’s]() forum where members have been regularly going for years now and reporting results.

Typically there is a combination of manual stretching, jelqing (milking with your hands, not too erect, for about 3 seconds each stroke from base to head), pumping (regular use of a penis pump at a low pressure for 10-15 minute sessions), and clamping (this one scares me, would never consider it).

Anyway, what do you all think of the pic results? They seem legitimate, but I’m not one to spot a good photoshop. I know PE stuff is generally sketchy territory, so we all take it with a grain of salt, but I’ve lurked and read about it for years now and still seem to think there’s at least something behind gains, even to a small degree.

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Originally Posted by kbs83
New Gains -> New Photos

So same guy posted his pics here too, huh?

Still, there is obvious skepticism.

The only advice I can offer is to simply try the newbie routine for a couple months. It doesn’t require that much time and many experience at least some gains over that time period. There are many people here willing to attest to the power of PE. While actual photo evidence is in short supply, I can assure you PE does work if you maintain a routine and are educated about what you are doing to your penis.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

So after 7 years that you are a member here you come up with a post with external links to our pics and asking something that a guy who reads about PE for the first time would ask? What have you done in this 7 years and why you registered?

Hi AlmaDiedAlone,

It seems, looking at your post history, that you were more open to the idea of penis enlargement but I’ve not seen you post about gains. Is it fair to assume that you haven’t got any gains? I haven’t read all your past posts but it seems you jumped in with pumping. It’s not obvious whether you committed 100% to a routine.

If that’s the position you are in: a long time spent, no gains, surrounded by people claiming gains, then I can imagine that would be frustrating. There are two obvious courses of action.

  1. If you’ve never really committed to a routine, then you could actually commit and follow juiice’s advice. PE is hard work and if you dabble, you will get nowhere.
  2. If you have committed in the past, if you’ve put in the effort but got nothing back, maybe it’s time to quit, assume it’s a bunch of crock and move on with your life.
Some things just don’t work out and often the best course is to move on and find other things that do.

If your actual intention is to find irrefutable evidence of PE, the only real answer is a quantitative study which doesn’t use self measuring. Personally, I’d love to see that too but I’m not sure who would fund it.

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