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Penis enlargement pils working or not?

Penis enlargement pils working or not?

I read many sites where you can buy pils to enlarge your penis. Are this pils really works or is it fake? Somebody have some experiences with that?

Fake. No experience myself but have looked into it enough to know. We wouldn’t be working the hell out of our dicks if we could just pop pills. They don’t even assist PE well. Look into the Supplements Forum here at Thunder’s and there are some good discussions on what to take that might help PE a bit perhaps.

Fake. Save your money. Start the newbie PE routine.

<raises his hand in embarassment>…. Its fake, heavy doses of Arginine, Ginseng, etc etc and some other stuff you can buy for less…

How about the ones that promise to make you grow taller, or the scents that guarantee to trigger instinctual uncontrollable sexual desire in women. They can’t all be fake.

<raises his hand again>

I played around with few different ones

From experience: they will make you hella horny :) Your blood pressure will rise while you are taking them. They will temporary increase your penis volume, 1/4in in NBPL, and 1/4 girth.

Bottom line is that they are all fake, you can buy most of the ingredients for far less at GNC nutrition. Penis enlargement pill dont work, all they will do is increase your sex drive.

Save your money dude,

John S.

They will definitely have an effect.

Unfortunately the effect is financial, not physical; and the result is a reduction, not a gain.

Hav any of you had any experience with ogoplex?? I recently received a free sample. They claim it can increase you fluid release and multiply the number of “ropes” during an orgasm. I did notice that my orgasms have been a little more intense- both during intercourse and when masturbating. There are no claims to increase penis size though, just to make you sexual experience more powerful- last longer, recover faster, etc.- but it seems that PE can do the same and increase my dick size.

Waste of time and money…..

Ok thanks, I try the jelq technique.


I have tried them, they cost £150.00 and came with a money back guarantee but by the time the induction period was up the guarantee had run out.

By the way they did nothing a pack of multi vitamins would do. Save your money or buy something more useful like a stretcher.

He Erwin,

I saw you questioning this at fok! As you see in this little topic so far, nobody here believes they make your dick larger. Nevertheless they may be a nice way of spicing up your sex life. Like Viagra may do. And they may make your exercises a little bit more effective, but that is it.

BTW: Great to see you here, welcome! I am sure you will like this place.



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