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Penis enlargement pills


Good work guys. I certainly don’t think that you can take a pill and get bigger. But I do think they can play a role along side PE. In the least Orexis helped me keep from turtleing and kept expansion up after a work out. I moved on to Cialis because of EQ and it seems to have even stronger results although it is prescription. I got mine from India through one of those popular sites so it was no big deal at all. I did cut my dosage to 10mg (breaking pill in half) because at 20mg I was having pretty intense leg effects; a known side effect. No side effects at all with 10mg.

Right now I’m experimenting right now with Cialis as a sort of chemical ADS. With just a tiny bit of stimulation I can get rock solid hard and without much thought keep it for about 30 minutes. Then I let it go down for five minutes to make sure nothing is getting damaged. Then I do another 30 minutes. My only issue that I’m having here is that it seems to drastically favor girth gains over length. Because I’m also doing PE it’s impossible to know how much of my girth gains have been assisted by the Orexis/Cialis. And I do use the word assisted intentionally. No way do I think any of these pills do anything on their own. But I’m encouraged they can assist much like taking protein shakes or creatin can help a body builder get more impact from a workout.

Started Nov2008: EL 5.5", EG 4.5"

Dec 20th: EL 5.75", EG 4.9"

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I take Ginkgo and L-arginine with Vitamin C with a big mug of green tea sweetened with honey:)

Works well in reduction of turtling;)

I tried 2 pill brands and they are not good. They also mastered the disputing credit card techniques so you can’t get your money back.


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