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Penis elacticity

Penis elacticity

From what I’ve been reading on jelqes and squeezes especially I’ve come to the conclusion that when your doing them you should see a noticeable increase in girth from that of your normal penis size (the only place that seems to dramatically change is the head of my penis but I think that is because the head never gets fully engorged when I’m erect anyways I don’t know why and wish that it would) but when I jelq or do squeezes I don’t really see my penis become much more girthy. Am I expecting too much or is my penis not have enough “elasticity”

This ‘elasticity’ you describe - I understand what you’re getting at. Everyone’s penis will react differently to pressures that jelqing and such put on it, depending on the cellular makeup of your tunica (mostly), a penis will expand differently to such pressure. If jelqing doesn’t engorge your penis more than you would normally get from an erection, it doesn’t mean necessarily mean you’re doing it wrong.

That being said, some people will not get any gains from wet jelqing at all, due to this variability of collagen strength. You may want to try dry jelqs, which it is said are better for increasing girth (but are more dangerous!).

Also, if you are not trapping enough blood while jelqing you will not see expansion either. You don’t need a full erection but you do need your unit to be plump while jelqing so that enough blood is there to cause the expansion.

I suppose if you are a shower and your unit has the same flaccid girth as your full erection, then you will not see a lot of stretch, although it is still taking place.

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