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Penis curve

Penis curve

Hey, was just wondering if it is possible to keep my penis curve or if it will disappear if I start doing stretches? I really like my upward curve and I wanna keep it. If I will lose it though, will it be possible to regain? Thanks

PE with jelqing and stretches may straighten it out a bit, but if also work your stretch in favour of your upward curve you should be able to retain it. My unit curves slightly to the left and have managed over a period of time to improve that as I don’t want to keep the left curve. Extenders are often used in order to straighten out the curves, so I suggest if you want to keep your upward curve stay away from ADS and extenders.

Thanks for your reply! I see what you’re saying, but you mentioned to stretch in favour of my upward curve? Would that be to stretch upwards a lot? Or do taht more than the others? It sucks because I’ve heard that the downward stretch is actually the most effective of all the stretches

You can definitely do downward stretches and do your upward stretch with an object at the base of your penis so that you stretch it up and over thereby retaining your upward curve. There is a name for that but it evades me at this time. I do it at times at it gives a real nice stretch.

Ok I found it, it’s called a fulcrum stretch and works real good.

Hm, is the fulcrum stretch kinda like an A / V-stretch? But with an object instead of hand? So I should do the version where I put the object over the base, and stretches the penis up /around the object?

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