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Penis curvature

Penis curvature

Can anyone tell me how can I fix the curvature on my penis.

Originally Posted by maurizio
Can anyone tell me how can I fix the curvature on my penis.

Sorry maurizio, but I can’t help you, however, I just wanted to WELCOME you to Thunder’s Place. I am an APR07 Newbie.

I am sure you will receive replies and help from some of the other members.
Good Luck with PEing.

Why don’t you complete the PE Statistics so that you can keep a record of your progress and gains? It’s easy. Click “quick links” at the top, then PE Statistics.

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How severe is the curve, and are you sure you need to “fix” it? Curves and bends are common.




Well I ain’t that much but I would really like to have a straight as an arrow cock or the closest to it I can get

And sometimes a curve in the right place is a real sexual advantage.



Yes, avocet8 is sure right. You probably shouldn’t worry about it; there’s a great chance that it’ll enable you to hit her spots easier than with a “straight as an arrow cock.”

If you’re serious about it, though, extender devices like the Penimaster claim to be able to correct curvature to some degree. I have no idea if this is actually true, however. (I use a PM, but not for curvature reasons. Mine curves slightly upward, which is a real advantage!)

Slowly, but surely...

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I heard jelqing against the curve helps. Put a slight pressure against the curve. I am ok with my curve so I have never tried it.

Hey Maurizio, I am also new to PE and have one of those “straight as an arrow cocks”. I have wondered before if there are ways to add a curvature because the whole straight thing gets really lame, plus I’ve heard it is really easy to use that curve to your advantage. And it adds character, I would exchange mine for a curved one any day.

Well I wouldn’t mind the curve either if it where upwards.

To be honest when people PE over time I noticed they seem to gain a little curve in some direction.. Not sayin your curve will turn into a massive one but may curve a little more. If you check out the proof forum posts things on some of the pictures you see that they start off with a small straight dick and turns out bigger with a slight curve. O.0?

What is the direction of the curve?. I have a curve also.. 2 actually.. Trying to fix it too

Mine curves slightly downward. In trying to help this, I bend against the curve while doing my clamping routine. It seems to have helped, because the curve is not as noticable as before.

Curves can be corrected to some degree, although I don’t think they ever go completely away. I suppose that has to do with the severity of the curve and the degree of attention you want to give to changing it.

When doing erect bends or clamped bends, exercise extreme caution. A little goes a long way. Curves can be modified over time, but you don’t want to hurt yourself in the process. An erect penis is at its most vulnerable; it’s where the greatest potential for damage resides. Be cautious.

Pumping helped to straighten mine even though I wasn’t really looking to correct it. Simply because the tube is straight, over time it was being bent straight - a little bit at a time. There is still some curvature, but it’s less than it was for sure.

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