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Penis Contraction after stretching


Penis Contraction after stretching

Hello all! Here is my story..

I have been using a stretching device for the last month for about 4 hours each afternoon after work. My routine is to do 5-10 minutes warm up, apply the extender for 1 hour, then remove it and massage the penis for 5 minutes, apply a hot wrap again for 5 minutes, apply the extender again etc. At the end of the stretching routine, I do 5-10 minutes warm down and then go to sleep.

The problem is that very soon after the warm down, the penis tissues are contracting and I seem to go to sleep in this contracted state, thus healing improperly. The result is that I seem to have lost some erect length instead of gaining! I know that this may sound weird but that’s the case :( Apparently I am doing something wrong, since the purpose of the extender is to lengthen the penis and not shorten it.

So my question is this: What should I do after the extender routine so that the penis tissues don’t contract but relax in an extended state?

Any help would be appreciated especially if someone else have faced the same situation!

Thank you for your time :)

Hey reyzen!

Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting your methods.

I’m afraid, this sort of problem is usually associated with using too much force, or over-working your penis. .

You would possibly be better using the newbie exercises first to condition your unit for more extensive exercises - including stretchers later.

If it is contracting more than normal then you are definitely overloading it, and could cause a loss of erections. So please be mindful of this, and do some exercises to prepare it for more forceful work later


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Hey search for the post on PI Indicators

Thanks alot for your answers :)

I will read the post you adviced me Niz! It has a lot of pages so it will take some time :)

Petit: You are propably right that this contraction may mean I am using too much force. However I don’t think I am overworking my penis, at least in regards to the hours I am using it daily. The manufacturer of the extender suggests using it for 12 (!) hours daily after the first month and I am only using it for at most 3-4 hours.

What I may be doing wrong is that I don’t leave any days to heal. Do you think I should do the Jelqing / Stretcher routine using the 3-1, 2-1 method and leave 2 days per week for rest? Also do you advice me not to use the stretcher so early and stick to manual PE I.e. Doing some manual stretches and Jelqing each day? After how long should I start using the stretcher? I am mostly concerned in length, so the stretcher is easier for me for performing the length routines :)

Time to stop the questions or I will bore you to death hehe! For the positive part, my erections are still fine and my penis seems to be more “fat” when flaccid. It’s just that it seems to have lost some of it’s elasticity when erect. It may be more “rock hard” but it seems to have lost the ability to easily stretch when aroused thus looking as if it has lost some length. The head also seems to bend more to the stomach when fully erect, but I think I had this curve for as far as I can remember!

Looking forward for your answers!!


Welcome reyzen.

Extenders are not intended to provide high tensions; they are intended (generally speaking) to be traction devices. If you want to apply a good stretch to your penis, your hands are an excellent tool. If you want to use a low tension for many hours, then you go on extenders/stretchers/ADS.

High tensions for many hours daily are counter-productive.

As P-F said, the newbie routine could give you more overall benefits than an extender in less time.

You can use the extender in the future, if you want.

Best wishes :) .

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Thanks alot marinera for your answer :) It’s always nice to have some guidance from experienced people on a new “journey” of your life, instead of self-experimenting.

I will try to follow the newbie routine with only manual exercises from now on. To be honest it will be less time consuming, because 4 hours of using the extender per day plus 15 minutes rest after each hour is a lot..

I was stretching at around 1-1,5 inch higher than my flaccid length for the last month. Do you think that is the problem with the contraction of my penis after the exercises? Too much tension? Also you say that extenders can be used at low tension for many hours. What do you mean by low tension? Slightly higher than your flaccid length to keep the penis in an extended state after the manual exercises, so that the healing process starts in that state?

I hope this loss of length will be reversed by following the manual exercises routine and the penis will regain it’s “elasticity”. Otherwise, I will regret starting PE from the beginning :(

Thanks again!


reyzen, if you were using the extender at 1.5+ than your NBPFSL, you were using it correctly; if you were using the extender at 1.5+ than your BPFSL, it was too much tension for too much time.

It’s not clear to me if you were doing manual stretches, also.

If so, manuals were a bit too forcefull; adding the extender( even at 1.5+ tan NBPFSL), you raised even more the total load applied on your penis - the penis doesn’t need “to heal in extended state” in my opinion, this is a misconception.

I’m not an expert, and I’ve never tried the extender or other devices, but it looks to me like you’re over-working you penis to death (well, metaphorically speaking, of course).

Don’t listen to the manufacturer, listen to your body. If you get negative gains, it must mean your penis is not used to this kind of pressure and you need to calm down a bit.

PE isn't a chore. PE is a lifestyle.

If you feel down sometimes, come live inside my mind. I promise you'll enjoy the experience.

Marinera: I wasn’t doing any manual stretches. The only stretching was with the extender at MAX 1,5 more than my NBPFSL. My routine was warm up for 5-10 minutes, extender for 1 hour, 15 minutes rest with massage and hot wrap, then 1 hour more with the extender until I reached 4 hours. Then, I would use the hot wrap again for 10 minutes and go to sleep. When waking in the night, the penis was almost always erect, as if the body was trying to heal itself, forcing more blood into the penis. Not sure about this though.

So you are saying marinera that “healing in an extended state” is not necessary? The penis may be a bit contracted after the exercises but still have some gains in length? I see all these photos of how a penis looks after a good work-out and they all seem hanging down in a stretched way. Mine is a bit contracted.

Mdrg: You are right I may have overdone it the last month. I will try to do only manual exercises from now on and listen to my body instead of the “book”. :)


Contraction is normal and your body is just responding to the trauma. This is it’s natural repair mechanism, your erection will be smaller due to the excessive stretch and retracted state of the tissue many hours after the exercise. The severity of the trauma will translate into the length of time it takes your erection to return to health; it could be 4 or 5 days or more. The good news is that it will return in a state more conducive for increased size. Do not fear the turtle.

Thanks for your answer Beaver :)

I read some other posts about lengthening and healing today and I see that there is a debate of whether rest days are productive or counter-productive for lengthening the penis. My experience the last time I stopped stretching for about one month, is that I lost every gains I had.

So, I believe I should give stretching with the extender one more try. I will keep using it at 1,5+ my NBFSL, since marinera says it’s not much of a tension to damage myself. To be honest, I feel a little bit of pain near my pubic area today but this may be an indication of a good workout right? As if the suspensory ligament is stretching. If I rest, I may go back to where I started right?

If I do some jelqing prior to using the extender, should I have 1 day rest after 2 days of Jelqing? And if yes, should I also avoid using the extender on the rest days?


Normal jelqing is not that stressful and usually the repair is overnight. If you are relatively new to PE, you should have a good jelq session five days a week. This conditions the penis and promotes expansion of the tissue to accept more blood in your cylinder; in order to enhance this process it requires a consistent and disciplined approach. In a few short weeks you will see increased expansion due to the weakening of tissue and improved blood volume in the penis. The extender, in my opinion, should be used about 3 to 4 times a week depending on soreness in the area. You never want to exercise if the soreness is at a level where you feel sharp pain or the penis is fully fatigued. After a little while your body will tell you when to exercise, the penis loves the attention and chance to be big. Some have a tendency to be overzealous, they see some gain and then put there penis through the meat grinder in hopes of an overnight miracle (try to avoid this type of zeal).

You are right Beaver. Better safe than sorry right? :)

Out of curiosity. Have you ever used an extender or have you sticked to manual PEing? Do you believe that the extender has a positive effect to keep the penis extended after a Jelqing session? As you said, I am relatively new to PEing and I don’t know if I should stick to manual exercises for a month or so and then start using the extender.


When I started PE the invented contraptions were not around. I do not have great respect for most of these devices since the cost is high and results can be obtained with simple household materials or spending a buck or two at Home Depot.

My personal view of the extender is poor since I do not believe the shaft of the penis is the critical area. The extender anchors right in the area where you need the most attention and thereby nullifies any influence of weakening attachment points. The extender stretches the most robust physiology of the penis, and the shaft, in my opinion and in most circumstances can not be deformed or permanently elongated. Your growth comes from your inner penis or that part that is not exposed due to inadequate erectile pressure. The extender does not sufficiently affect the improved exposure of your “hidden shaft.” By having that device in a “bone pressed,” position against your lower abdomen is ineffective in obtaining a deformation of the hidden physiology that will result in additional length.

Hanging is a much better avenue to addressing the critical areas for growth. It’s not necessary to keep the penis extended after an exercise, I have never used any aids for stretching out the penis or stopping it from it’s natural healing condition of contraction after PE. Since this is about the only thing the extender is good for; it is my opinion, that it is a poor product. One thing to realize is just like the sport of golf has it’s myriad of “help your swing” products, so does PE, some are useful most are worthless.

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