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Penis Contraction after stretching



Nice post Beaver :) You summarized everything in 2 paragraphs!

Oh well since I bought the extender, I will give it a try. After all, if I don’t overuse it, I don’t think it will have any negative effects (hope so!).

I will definitely do 10 mins Jelq each day prior to using the device, to focus on the “inner part” of the penis as you said in your post. Do you think I should do all the other newbie exercises too (manual stretching and kegels) along with Jelqing prior to using the device? I forgot to mention that I am mostly concerned in gaining some erect length :)

Hopefully that was my last question for today :P


I was introduced to PE by my brother about six years ago and have mainly stuck with the “meat n’ potato’s” of jelqing and hanging. Your site has been a great resource for developing techniques and discovering many new ways at looking at PE.

The newbie exercises are excellent for conditioning the penis for more rigorous activities. I did manual stretching for a short while (about 2 weeks) and then went straight to hanging. I was seeking length too, and hanging was the “hands down” favorite for me. When I started I would jelq two or three times a day for 15 to 20 minute periods, I found this to be effective in accelerating the girth process and found that my penis would rebound very quickly from jelqing.

Sorry, reyzen, want I was meaning is : if you use the extender at about 1.5+ than you FL (not stretched) you are using it correctly.

Extenders are supposed to be used in this way: first days you wear them for 2-3 h in total, at about 30 min. sessions throught the day, at a lenght of a little more than you FL.

When you can wear it for 4+ h dailt with no problem, you start increasing the lenght: about 1/5” every 50-100 hours of wearing.

After about 1000-1500 h of use, you should see a gain in lenght of about 1”.

You don’t have to feel any appreciable discomfort when using extenders.

About contraction, this is the consequence of a too much vigorous stretch; you should avoid systematical stretching with too force, because you could have injuries and because you’re strengthening tissue too much, so future gains will be harder.

I fashioned a hanger from remnants of a radiator hose and ratcheting sleeve, it worked out quite well.

I only hang for one or two 15 minute sessions a week now days. I enjoy the hang at the computer on the weekends so that’s about it. I was a pretty religious hanger for the first 3 years, but I am pleased with the results obtained and do not chase the millimeters that might be out there, however, it does certainly improve erection hardness and even a little head size and base girth.

I don’t think I am over stretching it marinera. To be more number specific, my penis length is at around 3,3” from base to head (without bone pressing), when putting the device on, and I stretch it to 4,2” from base to head (without bone pressing again). So, that’s 0,9”stretch.

Now that I am thinking of it, I may be under stretching right? Any chance under stretching has also negative effects like the contraction?

On the happy part, my nocturnal erections are very good. I wake up in the middle of the night fully erect, which must be a good sign right? Like the body flushes blood into the penis to let it heal.

I guess only time will tell if what I am doing is right or wrong!



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