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Penis Clamping: Girth It a Try

Penis Clamping: Girth It a Try

When I first read about penis clamping it frightened me so much that I tucked my penis back into my undies and hid behind the sofa until my Internet credit ran out.

Just the thought of tightening a plastic ring around my willy whilst bone in it up sent shivers down my spine.

Fuck That! I said to myself…if me bird wants tight then she will have to settle for a good ass fucking.

Anyway…to cut a long story short…

I have been using a penis clamp for about 10 months now and it really does work. Once your penis is well conditioned to this new way of exercising you really can improve girth. I did.

As long as you follow the instructions to the letter you will never have a problem with it. For anyone wishing to take up penis clamping I suggest doing plenty of homework on the subject first and not to just jump in feet first.

Once all safety guidelines have been fully established in your mind then you can get straight to it.

For anyone who wants to try it out…go for it. And you will be amazed how much girth you can obtain. Just eat well, train, stay healthy and use a lot of common sense, persistence and always keep your head in it.

That’s it…Good luck…

It’s the Wirral Way.

How much girth did you gain within those 10 months? Iam doing small bouts of manual clamping but in the future plan to do clamping, it will be the only routine I do that won’t be manual. I have a lot of faith in clamping.

Start- Nov 2017 BPEL-7.2 NBPEL-6.75 MEG-4.75

Updated- BPEL-7.87 NBPEL-7.35 MEG-5

*GOAL- BPEL-8 NBPEL-7.5 MEG-5.5* My journey —>New Guy In Town Progress Report

Clamping gave me a 3/16 girth growth spurt on a trip to Vegas. Kept 2/16. Just too much work keeping it up alone and doesn’t seem to work if I don’t get really hard.

Started 5.5 x 4.2 Feb 2015

Current 7.25 x 5.5 - 6.25 Base girth

Goal 7.75 x 5.75

You guys gain any length from clamping or is it strictly a girth exercise?

Clamping makes my dick smaller in lenth. But when I take off the clamp my dicks lenth gets longer bringin it back to 5.4” BPEL. So now I keep the clamp off.

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