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Penis Bridge


Kaysz: This post is full of “Ifs” but here goes. If you live in Southern California with easy access to Mexico ; and if you are not afraid of drug traffickers in Mexico and if you can find out whether or not yours can be an outpatient procedure and if you have some cash: Some Plastic Surgeons in Mexico have excellent credentials and are less than half price. The ones I knew were in Monterrey and there would be good ones on the West Coast near tourist centers.

More and more we live in a culture that has sex with the lights on. Your dick is important. You want to be presentable. I hope I am not intimidating you should you decide to do nothing, but if a young man, fixing that is certainly more important to your ego than you next car, boat, motorcycle etc.

You will thank us here on Thunders if you proceed with this. In any case, good luck!

That looks like an easy procedure to fix. Just talk to your local doctor about getting it fixed, he should know some good places to contact.

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i don’t think it would be a really serious surgery, but i do think a plastic surgeon is better suited. i have no idea of pricing, and cosmetic surgery isn’t covered under insurance… having said that, if yours is as bad as that pic, the case could be made that it has drastically effected your sexual health, and as such you may have legal recourse. that is, if you choose to take it that far. personally, i would look into good plastic surgeons in my area and go in for a consultation before trying to decide anything.

Okay, thanks guys. I think I’ll give it some time before looking up a surgeon in my small town, or maybe drive to the next town to speak with a plastic surgeon.

Thank you so much for your input. It helped me a lot :)

I myself had a skin bridge removed back in the late 90’s. GO TO A UROLOGIST (dick doctor)!- not a plastic surgeon (minimum experience dealing with cock). You should not need to be circumcised in order to remove it. If anyone tries to convince you on circumcision, just say no.

I AM cut but it connected up to my glans on the side, approx 1/4” wide, 3/4” long (the bridge, not my wang -ha). It used to pull my glans to that side but no longer.

I am very happy that I got it done. I can’t remember how much it cost but it was relatively cost effective for a surgery (pretty sure it was under $500 back then.)

It was an outpatient procedure, very painless (even the anesthesia shots in my cock and at the base.) I didn’t even realize when he put stitches on the glans and the shaft.

My cock was huge and heavy for several hours after due to the volume of anesthesia. Awesome.

That’s just my two cents.

Best of luck whatever you decide.

I hope American social taboos keep PE the underground movement that it should be.- pesoldier

IMO, if the bridge connection to the glans covers 90%, as you have said, then I think any urologist is going to refer you to plastic surgeon. If not, I would guess there would be unwanted scar tissue, or worse.


My Urologist is the clumsiest, most ham fisted man that I know of. Thus my bias. He’s good on the basketball court though!

Originally Posted by howardson
My Urologist is the clumsiest, most ham fisted man that I know of. Thus my bias. He’s good on the basketball court though!

lol! nice that you have a good friendship with your doctor… although it could be a little strange knowing he’s fondled my cock, haven’t been in that situation so i don’t know, lol


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