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Penis bending due to jelqing

Penis bending due to jelqing

Any way to solve this?

The best way to solve this is to use the search button.

Here’s a thread I remember reading from page 2: My penis is more crooked now.

But really, use the search button and you’ll find at least 10 threads with explanations.

Do most of your jelqing in the opposite direction to the curve.

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In the opposite direction? It bends to the left atm.

I’m slightly worried because it seems to bend at the base. It’s really annoying atm. I’ve started jerking off with my left hand.

I can jerk off for ages.. Dunno if thats whats caused it. Like an hour at a time with my right hand so I’ve started using my left but I haven’t seena any improvements.

Also used OK left hand wet jelqs which are a bitch to do cos can’t find any guides for one handed jelqs and It seems to curve more every day or it’s my mind.

This won’t solve the curve in your dick, but it will keep you from getting your ass chewed out. Please don’t use chat speak in your posts, it makes it hard to read. Besides atm is a machine I get money from, at the moment is probably what you meant to convey.

Now to the question at hand, if your penis goes to the left, jelq to the right and vise versa, jelq in the opposite direction. Don’t know what to advise for one handed jelqs, sorry.

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You said it’s bent at the base. Do you mean the shaft is curved or just the whole unit pointing left now? If it’s not so much bent but just pointing left, then it could be the ligs on the right have been stretched further than the other side. This can happen with dominant hand being used to pull harder in one direction during stretches. This happened to me and I was able to correct it in a few weeks by paying attention to the opposite ligs more.

Funny I have no noticeable curve in my dick until I use the pump. Then it curves right by the time the second pump session begins. It’s worries me, but I noticed during normal erections it’s not curved.

The whole unit now points left more so.
It curves a bit too.
Sorry for the chat speak by the way.

Just to get this straight, I must jelq in a certain direction? Does anyone have any videos or pictures? I don’t quite understand it.

I was under the impression that my right side got bigger than my left which caused this curve due to my right hand jelqs being harder (subconsciously) and using my right hand for masturbating.

I tried the techniques in that thread. I’ve been: jelqing left handed OK grip, over hand right hand grip with my penis pointing in the right direction.. Nothing happening.

My penis hangs to the left btw.

Try these
Inverted V A-Stretch Video
Aided Inverted V-Stretch Video

but stretching on the side - your penis pushing against the fulcrum with the shortest side. Wearing an extender can also help, but not in the short term.

Finally, you should try doing a search for threads with ‘curve*’ in the title.

Its not the jelqing, your penis is just bending.

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It’s moreso hanging in that direction I guess to start with; and I’m 99% sure it’s due to jelqing because it only started to bend after jelqing.

Make sure not to put any extra tension going with the curve, it will take many many months of jelqing to correct the curve so don’t expect a quick fix either.

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