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Penis Ballooning


Penis Ballooning

Hey guys!! I’ve read a mention about Penile ballooning on the websites. I never could figure out how it’s done and whether it really helps. If any of you have an experience with it please let me know.
PS: Does Ballooning help increase penis size?


There is a very long thread on here started by Werner Ashford called “Sweet Rewards: Ballooning works” which, if you have the time to read it right through will tell you eerything about ballooning and edging. Have a look.

Hey thanks! Is that thread on the Newbie section?

try “search” on top of page. type “Sweet Rewards: Ballooning works”.

440 replies, that is alot of info. :)

Start: 17 cm (6.70") - Now : 19,2 cm (7.56") - Goal : 21 cm (8.27")

Yes a very good thread indeed! Well composed rather than DR.LIN’s site of confusing, frustrating, unorganized info. His site is informative but when I start searching for something I get sidetracked and forget what I first went there for! It is better to find the thread here and see if you have enough interest to frustrate yourself on his site.

Hey Thanks All. I found the link yesterday and I’ve been reading it through. No doubt a Lotta information on ballooning. I’m hoping it works. Any of you guys have had experiences with it yet?? I know there are a Lotta guys out there who read that link. I’m not sure if the majority of people tried it coz most of them didn’t seem to understand it. Ill work on it though :-)


I’ve also read it through.

Isn’t it the exact same thing as edging? I try to do this atleast 30-40 mins a day. The sexual tension gathered after like 8-9 edges are ENORMOUS.

Usually, I cum after this. I’ll try to pee like he says instead, I had no idea it built up DHT.. :)

Start: 17 cm (6.70") - Now : 19,2 cm (7.56") - Goal : 21 cm (8.27")

Well it’s more or less like edging except that you stay away from kegels. I’ve started doing it and after 30-40 minutes the hard on I get is great. I won’t say I see an increase in size but my dick feels a lot fuller and my erection angle is greatly increased.

Well it’s said on the other post by werner ashford that it builds DHT but I’m now sure if anyone has ever researched that. Wouldn’t DHT be building up if you had a long session of sex?? So why bother? In case it does build up then I guess it’s best to massage your dick and disperse DHT like mentioned by Werner Ashford or maybe just go for a jog.

PS: Try not to ejaculate after you have ballooned and you’ll see that your dick stays pumped up for a long time after that. ( Well I’m not saying that you will maintain an erection just that you will feel a lot fuller)


I just had a ballooning session, and omg. I accidentally stepped over the edge 4 times, but I kegeled the first third away. The fourth time, I just couldn’t. The intensity was way to strong.

But why balloon if it doesn’t build DHT? Just to stay pumped?

Start: 17 cm (6.70") - Now : 19,2 cm (7.56") - Goal : 21 cm (8.27")

The differnce between ballooning and edging is , while you edge you work urself to a stiffy and kegel just before you cumm. It’s more like practising to stay off ejaculation while at the same time getting the sensations of an orgasm. Ballooning is a little different. You wank off till you reach the point of no return(PONR). Just when you reach that state you stop stimulation of the trigger zones which otherwise would start the Emission phase. Instead soon after you reach the PONR you start to massage the non trigger zones in order to maintain the erection and at the same time stay off the emission phase.
Generally what happens is once you reach the PONR and you stop stimulation, your dick kinda starts to become soft. Ballooning( massaging the penis at the base) allows for enough stimulation to maintain the erection but not allow you to ejaculate. Hope this clears your doubt.

My opinion about kegels is that it’s BAD. I’ve been using kegels to ward off ejaculation and believe me I had become more responsive. I just couldn’t last like I used to. I really had to re train my nerves not to kegel. It will take sometime for you not to kegel when you are wanking off but let me tell you that it’s worth the effort. Just focus on not kegelling. It’s tough initially cause you are so used to it.

I’ve been just Ballooning for the past few days and I feel it’s an excellent way to keep yourself from ejaculating.

PS: Retainer I’m not sure if you are ballooning since you are kegelling when you reach PONR.

Usually, I don’t kegel when om on the PONR. I read about this months ago, and believed that it was an essential part of edging.
If I just drop stimulation when at PONR, the dick kinda swells to a ROCK. The difference is that no sexual energy dissapears this way, which result in the orgasm just being a couple of seconds away. Kinda useless technique when having sex, but great to amass energy while masturbating.

So kegels take away the purpose of ballooning, got it.

Start: 17 cm (6.70") - Now : 19,2 cm (7.56") - Goal : 21 cm (8.27")

I think embarking on this too heavily without a clear understanding of what is happening is risky. I can’t put my finger on why but have experienced debilitating headaches from the pent up energy not being released like it should.

I’ll probably get shot or flogged with medical text I can’t understand by saying this, but my wife took a picture of me the other day and I was astonished. I’ve lost a lot of hair, in my opinion from playing with DHT buildup.

I have taken a step back until I have a more clear understanding of what is going on and how to properly release the energy.

This thread will turn out helpful I’m betting. Seminal Kung Fu and Crown Chakra Orgasms

Retainer! You are close to it but just that you gotta add stimulation to the non trigger zones on the dick while you are close to the PONR. Reason being, if you stop stimulation your dick will lose it’s hardness by reducing the blood flow. Stimulation of the (non trigger)NT zones will force more blood into the dick. In short you have to go past your 100% erection level to achieve ballooning.
IMO Kegels are bad. Good for you in the long run and I’m sure you will start seeing benefits of not kegelling within the next few days.

Mr. Nine! I really agree with what you have written about losing hair. I never really thought about it until I read your post. I remember a few months backs I was heavily into edging and ballooning. I never would deliberately ejaculate and would try going on for a few days like that in order to retain the semen. After showers I started noticing a lotta hair on the bathroom tiles and I also remember my mom telling me I was kinda thinning on my dense hair. Well, FORsome reason I got busy and couldn’t continue with my ballooning sessions . I’ve been noticing that I’m not losing much hair these days since I stopped edging. Maybe DHT does build up after ballooning and cause hairloss. Will put in more research into that.
Incase there is a DHT buildup after ballooning, The best way to disperse it would be to ejaculate or working out in the gym. I prefer the latter.

NT Zones? areas I normally not touch when I masturbate?
Sometimes I don’t cut stimulation totally, I continue to masturbate but move my hand to the base and do tiny tiny, but hard movements. Does that count, or do you mean like stroking the sides or putting a vibrator next to the prostate?

If the body converts so much testosterone to DHT that you loose hair, it must be extremly bad for bodybuilding!

Start: 17 cm (6.70") - Now : 19,2 cm (7.56") - Goal : 21 cm (8.27")

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