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I have read great things about this device. I want to know if someone can link me to the cheapest place I can buy a Penimaster.


Sometimes people sell/give away “used” stuff here.

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Originally Posted by twatteaser
Sometimes people sell/give away “used” stuff here.

Well, it sure would be cheaper than 350 bucks
I suppose we COULD all go out and spend 25 and make ones, but some of us just aren’t that handy and/or don’t have any tools. Sighhhhh such a dilemma. If only I weren’t poor….

350? They had it for 212 or 247 dollars with gold rods or something like that.

Also, is this thing really effective if used properly? I have read quite a few threads where people gained inches in a matter of months using this thing for 8-12 hours a day.

The best performance recorded is 4cm length gains in six months, by westsidetoni. He did a huge amount of manual exercises, however. On average, you can expect 1/2”-1” gains after 1200-1800 hours of wearing an extender - and believe me, it’s not easy to wear those thing many hours daily.

You can easily make an homemade extender/stretcher (search for).

Finally, you can just do the newbie routine, that likely will work far better, overall.

Have you looked into the vac xtender?

Been doing newbie routine for a month-to-a-month-in-a-half. Not much gains. I am willing to do what Wheatstone did, or at least something like that.

He didn’t even do that many exercises. He only jelqed for like a month and then stopped and just used the Penimaster. Although I think he started jelqing a while afterwards.

Don’t buy that commercial shit

You can do it all perfectly manually, trust me

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Originally Posted by Ares88
Don’t buy that commercial shit

You can do it all perfectly manually, trust me

Yes of course, I consider more of a supplement than a replacement. I imagine it would only accelerate your manual workout while using it at times when you aren’t/can’t PE like at work or in class, at the movies, something like that. If I could get an extra 6 hours of “Free” PE time a day…..I don’t see how that wouldn’t help (unless of course, the thing didn’t actually work)

Heh, looks like we have extremely similar starting stats. Wish I could get your results too….

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